While many people are saying that no one should win Big Brother 2013 tonight, that does not mean that no one will win Big Brother 15 tonight because we don’t like the Final 3 or we didn’t like the season or the cast. Yeah, they were terrible people at times, but someone has to take home the $500,000, but which HouseGuest will it be? Check out our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below with our predictions for the Big Brother 15 finale tonight!

Big Brother 15 Spoilers - Final 3

Last Thursday night we had our live eviction show on Big Brother 2013 and we found ourselves with the Final 3 for the season: GinaMarie, Andy and Spencer. The remaining Exterminators (minus Judd) stuck together and made it to the Final 3 and one of them will be crowned the winner, but who?

It is still a tossup because we don’t know who will win the final part of the HoH competition. I will be giving out some Big Brother 2013 spoilers, so if you don’t want to know then stop reading now!

We know GM won Part 1 and Andy won Part 2, so they will battle it out in Part 3. It is a questions challenge about the HGs, so the advantage would seem to go to Andy in this one. I am hoping GM can hold it together and win this round and be crowned the final HoH of Big Brother 15.

With that being said, I think she will wisely take Spencer with her to the Final 2 and she will easily beat him in the jury vote and GM will have lost her job when she leaves the house, but also be walking out of the Big Brother 2013 house with a $500,000 check.

Who do you think wins tonight on Big Brother 2013?

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