We have had some eventful days in the Big Brother 2013 house this week, as we had a special eviction show last night on Big Brother 15 and we will see another HouseGuest get evicted tonight! When all is said and done, we will have our Final 3 on Big Brother 2013 and they will fight it out over the next few days to win $500,000. So, who gets evicted tonight on Big Brother 15? Check out our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below for our predictions!

Big Brother 2013 - Final 4 Eviction

To get you caught up to speed since last night’s show, read our Big Brother 2013 spoilers for the full details, but here are some quick tidbits:

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  • Andy won Head of Household
  • He put McCrae and Spencer on the block
  • Andy won Power of Veto

This means, Andy can determine the final two nominees for tonight’s eviction (which are not known yet), but the vote is literally down to was the other HG not on the block determines. GinaMarie, McCrae or Spencer will be joining the jury house tonight, but who? Whichever one of them is not on the block casts the only vote tonight.

How it goes down tonight on Big Brother 2013: Andy takes Spencer off the block because he can trust him the most. GM goes up as the renom, but then Spencer casts his vote and McCrae is evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house and our Final 3 consists of Andy, Spencer and GM.

Who do you think is evicted tonight on Big Brother 2013?

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