Ben Flajnik says he was butt-patting, not butt-grabbing in alleged cheating photo. The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik is further elaborating on the controversial photos that show him apparently hooking up with other women during his recent split from Courtney Robertson. His explanation? Well, read it for yourself.

Of the image that shows him clearly grabbing a brunette female’s bottom and kissing her, he says it was an old friend – and just a friendly butt pat, not a full-on, “I am attracted to you in a sexual manner” style grab. “I have not hooked up with another woman – on my father’s grave. Those women they mentioned are my friends in San Francisco,” Ben Flajnik said on a conference call with reporters after The Bachelor season finale.

“But, Ben, there are photos of you clearly kissing someone and grabbing her rear,” People‘s Monica Rizzo replied, to her credit.

“If you look at the pictures, I’m not kissing her. And that’s a butt pat. My friends grab my butt. I’m physical and affectionate with friends – guys and girls,” he insisted. Look at the image above and decide for yourself.

“Maybe you just needed to let your hair down.  [At the time] we were still in a rough place. But I believe he didn’t cheat,” added Courtney Robertson on the call. Like us on Facebook by clicking here. Follow us on Twitter by clicking here.