Ben Flajnik admits on after the final rose special that he called off engagement. The Bachelor and his fiancee Courtney Robertson sat down with host Chris Harrison for the “After the Final Rose” special. Flajnik first came out alone and said that after watching the footage of Robertson’s bad behavior around the other women on the show, the two called off their engagement.

Then Robertson spoke with Harrison, and tried to explain that vying for Flajnik with so many other women “brought out the worst in me.” She said having the engagement called off was “heartbreaking,” and that Flajnik then “abandoned” her. Robertson, who was no longer wearing her engagement ring, now says there are “trust” issues.

She went on to reveal that she desperately reached out time after time to Flajnik after their split, but he didn’t respond. The two were then reunited on stage. Flajnik told Harrison and the audience that he and Robertson are now “in a good place,” but she said she still can’t trust him completely yet.

Nevertheless, The Bachelor felt “this is going to work” because, as he said to Robertson, ”I want to be with you. I love you. I’m not going to abandon you.” Flajnik then slipped the engagement ring back on Robertson’s finger. But as to when they would officially wed, Flajnik said, “Who knows?”