We have Brokeback Bachelor on The Bachelorette 2015 tonight, as two of the men on The Bachelorette Season 11 will confess their love for each other??? Yeah, seems like a big publicity stunt to us, but we shall see tonight on The Bachelorette Season 11. Check it out with us tonight during our Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelorette 2015 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelorette Season 11, we finally got to see Kaitlyn head out on some dates with these guys. Up first was a boxing match, which had the guys fighting each other after getting some tips from Laila Ali. The first one-on-one date went to Clint, who seemed to impress Kaitlyn during their underwater photo shoot. Then it was a comedy club visit with Amy Schumer and the guys trying to tell jokes to impress Kaitlyn. It all ended with an awkward Cocktail Party and Kupah pretty much telling Kaitlyn he was the token black guy and she sent him home, but not before he made a scene with production and we were left with Kaitlyn going to save the day!

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The fun begins shortly for Week 3 on The Bachelorette 2015, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers Recap or see who got eliminated on The Bachelorette Season 11 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we go back to last week and Kupah yelling and screaming outside. Kaitlyn comes out and he tries to smooth things over, but she said it is not right and he has to go home. She leaves and then he starts badmouthing her, but he goes home in the van. Back in the mansion, Chris Harrison comes out and it is time for the Rose Ceremony.

ROSE CEREMONY – We do know that Clint, JJ and Ben Z. have roses from the dates, so they are safe. The other roses go to:

  • Jared
  • Ben H.
  • Shawn
  • Jonathan
  • Tanner
  • Chris
  • Ryan
  • Justin
  • Ian
  • Joshua
  • Joe
  • Corey E.
  • Tony

RESULTS – That means Cory S. and Daniel have been eliminated tonight on The Bachelorette 2015 and time to move on to the new dates this week!

GROUP DATE #1 – The next day, the men are woken up by some big sumo wrestlers! Chris Harrison joins them and this is the first group date of the night, which consists of Chris, Clint, Tony, JJ, Joe and Shawn. The men get their robes and sumo belts and get in their attire. The men come out for their sumo training and everyone is watching this one. We see a lot of blurred screen, as the men’s private parts are all hanging out and Kaitlyn is loving it! The men train and then fight the world champion wrestlers, which they all get their butt kicked!

Tony then steps up and said he is going to kick butt, but then the sumo guy laughs at him. Then Tony walks away and Kaitlyn notices and goes to talk to him and he gets angry and hates these aggressive dates and wants to go on a peaceful date. He is not happy, but then JJ comes up and fuels the fire and Tony gets even more pissed and Kaitlyn is not liking this. They talk with Tony and Kaitlyn gives him the option of doing this or not.

We now have an exhibition and the guys are wrestling each other. The guys are in their sumo belts and showing their butts and there are kids present! Tony did not show up for the exhibition. Kaitlyn takes on the big guy. Now to the matchups and Clint is tearing them up, as he was a wrestler in college and he is taking it too far.

Back at the mansion, Tony said he is there for love, but he can’t do it this way. He packs his bags and heads home, but wants to explain himself to Kaitlyn first. He talks with her and said he is there for the right reasons, but he can’t take part in this circus on The Bachelorette 2015. She feels for him, but knows this is not for them.

Now it is time for the after party for the group date and Clint feels good about things after their one-on-one date last week and if she has interest in him, then she will approach him. Well, all the other guys get time with Kaitlyn and she sits down next to Clint and he seems to look the other way and it is way awkward, but Shawn saves the day and takes her away and more kisses for Shawn! This also leads her to go get the group date rose and gives it to Shawn! Clint is frustrated, but this is The Bachelorette 2015 and you go after her and she doesn’t come after you! Clint said he doesn’t think anything is there with Kaitlyn, but he likes the guys there, especially JJ, and wants to stay for that sweetheart.

ONE-ON-ONE DATE – Kaitlyn gets a date card and it says that Chris Harrison is planning this one and it will be with Ben Z. They get in a limo and it takes them to a warehouse and Chris Harrison is inside. They will have to walk through this dark warehouse and get through it together and trust each other. They go through some pretty scary stuff, but they get the code to the lock and make it through!

Time for the evening portion of the date and they enjoy some good times together. They share some good conversation and Ben Z. talks more about his mother’s death and how he has not cried in the 11 years since it happened! Um, how is that possible? If I can go a day without something making me cry then I am happy!

Back at the mansion, the guys get the next date card and it is for Jonathan, Ben H., Joshua, Ryan, Jared and Tanner. Back at the date, they finish it up in the hot tub and Kaitlyn gives him the date rose!

GROUP DATE #2 – The guys meet Kaitlyn at an elementary school and they will be teaching sex education to the kids. How inappropriate is this? Kaitlyn said it is a way of separating the men from the boys.

Back at the mansion, we see the love between JJ and Clint. It is a bromance, but ABC wants us to think they are in love. Back at the date, the guys start teaching their lessons. While this is funny, is it appropriate for the students??? As it turns out, the the kids are child actors and Kaitlyn has brought them in to prank the guys and the kids are asking some awkward questions and now I love it! Joshua is so embarrassed and he is cute! I am liking all the guys on this date and they are good guys. Ben H. does a great job and he won some brownie points there.

For the after party, the guys are talking to Kaitlyn and she is connecting big time with Ben H. Back at the mansion, we see JJ and Clint again. They are acting weird and very much a bromance, but I think Clint really loves JJ and maybe a little too much for a straight guy! At the group date, as strong as the connections she had with Jared and Joshua, she gives the group date rose to Ben H.

COCKTAIL PARTY – The guys are feeling nervous about this one. Clint said he loves JJ and needs to get a rose to stay there! He pulls Kaitlyn aside right away and talks to her and he said he was wrong and knows that he was. He then gives her a kiss, but he then tells JJ that he loves him and he is pretty. JJ and Clint are crazy and they think everyone is telling on them. All the guys seem to be outing JJ and Clint and say they are two-faced. Kaitlyn has heard enough and they are too many red flags and she thinks he is one of the biggest douches in Bachelor history. She pulls him aside and it is about to go down, but we’ll find that out next week as the show ends!

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