We are one week away from the Hometown Dates on The Bachelorette 2014, so tonight on The Bachelorette Season 10 is huge for the six remaining guys on The Bachelorette 2014. The pressure is on and they know it, as two of them will be eliminated and four of them will be bringing The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman home to meet their families! Can you believe we are almost at the Hometown Dates? Doesn’t it seem way too early in the season for that? So, who goes home tonight on The Bachelorette 2014? Check out those results below in our Bachelorette 2014 spoilers!

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We have a very busy night ahead of us in Brussels, as Andi will have two more one-on-one dates (both of which do not include a date rose) and a group date (which includes a date rose). Only one guy will, for sure, know that he is bringing Andi home to meet his family and friends. The other five guys will have to wait until the Rose Ceremony to find out the good and bad news. That means extra pressure on these dates to impress Andi and get that rose!

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As much pressure as it seems, don’t you feel like Andi knows who will move on to the final four guys on The Bachelorette 2014? Certain men have been standing out all season long and the producers have definitely been giving them some extra camera time. The men eliminated tonight on The Bachelorette 2014 are:

  • Brian Osborne
  • Dylan Pettit

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