We all know that Reality Steve gives us the best Bachelorette 2013 spoilers every season and is usually dead-on with everything he says, but it appears the Bachelor and Bachelorette guru may have made some errors for The Bachelorette Season 9! Can the winner prediction be wrong? Does The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock choose no one? Find out in our Bachelorette 2013 spoilers below!

Bachelorette Desiree Spoilers

Well, it appears that Reality Steve got some wrong information, but it is not regarding the final two guys or the final four guys. This has to do with when Drew Kenney and Zak Waddell leave the show and nothing more than that! Brooks Forester and Chris Siegfried will definitely be in the finale, he says.

In his Bachelorette 2013 spoilers, he stated that Drew would leave after Hometown Dates (Finale 4) and Zak would leave after the Overnight Dates (Final 3). That can not be the case, as the sneak peek at the remainder of Season 9 showed Drew in Antigua, which is where the final three will be headed!

So, what gives? Reality Steve said: “Over the course of the last month, I’ve been emailed numerous times by people saying the first promo of the season had Drew on a date with Desiree in Antigua, and how could that be the case if he left at hometowns. Obviously, I overlooked that part of the promo and wasn’t paying enough attention, and it was even further clarified last night that Drew was in Antigua when they show him talking to Des on the beach.”

Well, he was wrong with that spoiler, so who is to say he isn’t wrong with the final two spoiler? His take on it: “Chris and Brooks are still the final two guys, and she got engaged to Brooks back on May 8th and they are still engaged to this day, despite the promo wanting you to believe she picks no one. That didn’t happen.”

Well, there you go. Reality Steve was wrong, but not way far off. Do you like these Bachelorette 2013 spoilers and the final guys?

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