We have all waited weeks and seen many tears and many eliminations (some on their own), but we finally have determined who won The Bachelorette 2013 and now it is time for the After The Final Rose special for The Bachelorette Season 9. It is time to see The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock sit down (again) with Bachelorette host Chris Harrison and talk in front of the live audience about her journey this season and her final pick! All three men (Brooks Forester, Chris Siegfried and Drew Kenney) will be in attendance, so don’t miss a thing during our Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers Live Recap for the After The Final Rose on The Bachelorette 2013!

Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers - Final 3 Guys

In case you want the full details of everything that happened tonight on The Bachelorette 2013 finale, then click here for our Live Recap! Otherwise, let’s talk about the finale and what we can expect on the special tonight below!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers Live Recap or who won The Bachelorette 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


With all the drama from the two-part finale on The Bachelorette 2013, this After The Final Rose special is going to answer so many of our questions. Chris Harrison said if he has so many questions then he knows that Bachelor Nation has a lot of questions as well and you know we all have questions!!! Drew, Chris and Brooks will be in attendance and we will get the answers! Will we find out who the next Bachelor will be as well, seeming this is where we found out about Des being the next Bachelorette?

So, we just saw that Brooks Forester never came back and her feelings changed and Chris Siegfried won The Bachelorette 2013! I am still in shock.

We are live and out comes Desiree. She said she was through quite a journey and a lot of ups and downs. She said sometimes you have to go through the hard to see the good and a lot of people go through it. She said it is good to go through the heartbreak to see the beauty in love. She said she never would have went that far if it had not been for a lifetime.

Brooks will be attendance tonight, but Des is not nervous to meet him. Would you be?

First up tonight is Brooks, so this should be interesting. He chopped his hair and he looks so much better! He said he is nervous. He watched and he could see himself being exhausted. She tells him he was honest and that is why she could be so honest and they could have closure. He said he wanted it to work out so badly that he maybe overlooked things with her. He said it is easier to look back and see things that he could have done better. Des said she has no regrets and in those moments that is what she was feeling. She tells him that she is engaged to Chris and he is not surprised and saw that on group dates and at rose ceremonies!

Now time for Drew Kenney on The Bachelorette 2013. She is nervous to meet him because she did hurt him. He said it is a flood of emotions to see her again and it was a long recovery process. He said he noticed signs at the rose ceremony and she was closer to Chris and coming up the hill on that date, so he knew he was having to fix things if it would work. He said he is happy for them both and it is not the ending he was looking for, but she got what she came in looking for and he is happy for her and Chris. He asked on the beach when she knew it wasn’t him and she couldn’t answer him then and still can’t. She wanted to see if the futures they wanted for each other would ever align.

They truly do have a very good conversation and it shows the class that Drew has. He said he has love for her, but not in love with her. He will always be in her corner. Chris Harrison said that something tells him he will be alright after this. Is that based on his hot looks or he is the next Bachelor???

The first time in public: Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock!!! He said they built something great on the show and since and it is not something that either of them want to get rid of. We get to see the sweet proposal one more time on The Bachelorette 2013 and they get to remember that moment they may have blacked out for! Des said it is amazing to watch it back and they are clearly in love.

Where do we go from here on The Bachelorette 2013? Des is moving to Seattle this weekend!!! They got their own place together and it is a fresh start. He didn’t want to bring her into the life he had created, so it is a great start for both of them. His family is so happy for them. To end their time, he wrote one more poem for her. He decorated the frame with the roses he received from her throughout the time on The Bachelorette Season 9. How cute are they???

Here we go: time to find out who the next Bachelor will be! In no big shocker, the new Bachelor is Juan Pablo!!! He didn’t get much camera time during the season, but when he did he won the fans over and it got him to this point. He has a great personality and is funny and his daughter is huge in his life, so that will be a big focus of the new season.

Out he comes and the crowd goes crazy, so did ABC choose wisely??? How many applicants will they get after this announcement? Today is also his birthday, so what a present for him, huh? The new season doesn’t start until January 2014, so we have some time to wait!

That is it for tonight on The Bachelorette 2013. Are you happy with the final decision?

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