Many of us have been watching The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and wondering why The Bachelor 2014 is keeping Sharleen Joynt around! She received the first impression rose from Juan Pablo during The Bachelor Season 18 premiere, which seemed to even shock her! She was hesitant about accepting it and has had moments of questioning herself and if she should be there. So, does Juan Pablo not see this? And if he does, why is he keeping Sharleen on The Bachelor 2014? We discuss it in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers below!


While some people in Bachelor Nation are getting perturbed with Sharleen, I happen to find it refreshing at times. Sometimes it can be annoying, but she seems honest and I like that. She mentioned it was their first real date and she was honest with Juan Pablo about wanting kids and not being head-over-heels about the guy yet. She is competing against 26 other women for one guy and has barely spent any time with him, so how could she be falling in love with him? It makes me laugh to hear the other women say it, so I find it refreshing for Sharleen to be real about the situation.

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As far as why Juan Pablo is keeping Sharleen around, it looks like Bachelor host Chris Harrison had some thoughts on the situation in an interview with TV Guide:

“As much of an enigma that Juan Pablo can be at times, she is more so in a fascinating way. How is she still on the show? He’s so captivated by her, but she all but turned down the first rose — you watch their one-on-one time and it’s really awkward. I think everyone on social media agreed the first kiss was just bizarre. I think it might be you want what you can’t have, and she’s an unattainable, worldly woman he has to chase, whereas with the other ones it’s happening maybe too easily. But you see him with Nikki, Clare or even Andi, and it seems so natural. And you see him with Sharleen and it’s like, ‘What?'”

So, what do you think it is about Sharleen that is keeping her on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014?

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