Thanks to The Bachelor 2014 spoilers from Reality Steve, we are only five weeks into The Bachelor Season 18 and it looks like we know who The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis picks as the winner of The Bachelor 2014! He actually knew weeks ago, but why do we want to ruin the whole season knowing who The Bachelor Season 18 winner is? If you want some major Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers, then keep reading. If you want The Bachelor 2014 season and finale to be a surprise to you, then you should stop reading now! The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers follow!


It still baffles me with Reality Steve and how he can layout the whole season for the fans, yet we all tune in every week knowing who goes home and who wins The Bachelor 2014! Before the season even started, he had announced the winner and here we are still watching it and wondering.

The producers have a way of editing to make the women on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 look a certain way in our eyes. It is kind of nice knowing who makes it into the final four women on The Bachelor 2014 and who the winner is from that group of ladies. You then get to step back and pay more attention to them as the season airs.

So, the winner of The Bachelor 2014 is Nikki Ferrell. You may have noticed, but she has gotten the group date rose the past couple weeks and she seems to be one of the favorites in Juan Pablo’s eyes. However, she is also emerging as the villain of Season 18, as some of the ladies discussed in a deleted scene from last week! So, Juan Pablo picks the villain, huh? And doesn’t propose to her in the finale, huh? SHOCKING!


What do you think of The Bachelor Juan Pablo’s selection?

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