What an interesting episode of The Bachelor 2014 last night, as we saw the claws come out between Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell while in Miami, but whose side are you on? Are you Team Clare or Team Nikki in this one? The whole argument/disagreement stemmed from nothing, so it makes us think the producers of The Bachelor Season 18 have edited out some pre-footage leading up to this point. Anyone agree? Or they are overdoing the coverage of this fight to bring some drama back to the show now that Sharleen Joynt finally left the show? Anyway, tell us which side you are on and vote in our poll below in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers!

The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers - Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell

Last night on The Bachelor 2014, we saw Clare, Renee, Andi and Chelsie go on a group date with Juan Pablo. There was a group date rose, which happened to be the only date rose for the week in Miami. The lady that received the rose would then be able to spend the evening portion of the date alone with Juan Pablo and the other three ladies would head back to the hotel on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014. Andi received the rose and Clare was pissed!

Back at the hotel, Nikki came down to see why the three of them were back already and they explained and it got awkwardly silent! Nikki said it was funny how they were all reacting differently, as Chelsie was giggling, Renee had an ear-to-ear smile on her face and Clare was zoned out. To be honest, it was exactly what was going on! Clare said she is not going to fake it and he probably gave the rose to Andi to reassure her doubts, which Nikki did not want to hear about and went back to her room.

This did not sit well with Clare, so she marched up there and the argument began. Nikki was rumored to be the Season 18 villain, but I have not seen it yet. We saw glimpses of it last night, but I would call Clare the bigger villain then Nikki on The Bachelor 2014. Of course, it could all be in the edit and the producers wanting to show Nikki in a better light, since spoilers show Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 picks her as the winner of The Bachelor 2014!

So, whose side are you on: Team Clare or Team Nikki? Vote in our Bachelor poll here:

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