We have heard a ton of rumors about The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 this season and a lot of involves the fact that he was not into the women on The Bachelor 2014 and he only did The Bachelor Season 18 for the fame and to improve his brand, which I don’t even know what his brand is! We have The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers telling us the winner of the season and then spoilers of him cheating on that winner. Well, now Reality Steve is sharing some more spoilers for The Bachelor 2014 and it looks like we could have a proposal on the After The Final Rose special next week??? Check out the details in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers below!


It may shock many of you, but it looks like Reality Steve is claiming that Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell, the winner of The Bachelor Season 18, are still together! Then explain these photos on Juan Pablo’s Twitter and Instagram accounts with other women. I would pissed if I was Nikki! Juan Pablo does not propose on The Bachelor 2014 finale, but Reality Steve says the couple is still together.

To spice it up, he says ABC is offering Juan Pablo some cash to pop the question during the live After the Final Rose special Monday night! Well, we all now Juan Pablo will do anything for money, so could it happen. And to top it off, it is in the contract of the ladies on the show that if a proposal is offered then they have to say yes!

Oh, it’s about to get real on the three-hour Bachelor 2014 finale next week!

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