Talk about an awkward situation for Nikki Ferrell on The Bachelor 2014 this past week, as The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 decided that Nikki was the proper lady to not only meet his daughter Camilla, but also his family and ex-wife Carla! So, you are all excited about getting a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo on The Bachelor Season 18, but then you find out you will be meeting his family at a dance recital??? Hold the boat! We get some explanation on this all from The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and the man himself, Juan Pablo, in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers below!


So, usually the final two women get a chance to meet the family of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, but Juan Pablo had one of the ladies meet his family when there were still six women remaining in the competition. This was their second one-on-one date and you are meeting the family and his ex? Chris Harrison explains Carla being there in an interview with TV Guide:

“She is beautiful and a posing figure, but she’s around quite a bit. She’s a part of his life and that’s what you marry into. Is it right to meet her on one of your first dates? Lord no. But maybe that’s a huge cultural difference. And also it could’ve been her saying, ‘If you’re going to have Camilla on the show and meet one of the girls, I want to be there.'”

As far as The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 picking Nikki over the other women, he explained that in his weekly blog for People:

“For my second date I needed to bring somebody who I felt a strong connection with and who would appreciate my surprise of meeting Camila. The reason I decided to take Nikki was because she has been making me feel more and more comfortable since Vietnam. “

So, do you think it is awkward that Juan Pablo’s ex was there on the date with Nikki?

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