Let the cheating rumors begin for The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and the winner of The Bachelor 2014, as some photos have come out on Instagram of Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and some mystery woman getting very close! Is The Bachelor Juan Pablo cheating on the winner of The Bachelor Season 18 already? The season hasn’t even finished yet and a winner has not been announced….keep us in suspense here, Juan! Check out the photos below in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers!


We all know that Nikki Ferrell wins The Bachelor 2014, but why would Juan Pablo be getting up close and personal with this girl if he was happily dating and/or engaged to Nikki? I think it looks a little too close for just being a fan getting some photos with him, right?

Check out the photos here:

Click on image for full view

So, do you think it was just a fan or do the pictures look a little more than that for The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014?

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