The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and the women on The Bachelor Season 18 have done their traveling to New Zealand and Vietnam and beyond, but now it is time to make their way back to the United States, as Week 7 on The Bachelor 2014 brings them to Juan Pablo’s home: Miami! Things are definitely going to heat up for the six remaining women, especially since the final four women on The Bachelor 2014 will be determined tonight! That means group date drama and we have pictures from that group date below in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers!


It looks like tonight will feature two one-on-one dates for Sharleen and Nikki and then a group date for the four remaining women (Andi, Clare, Renee and Chelsie). With only six women remaining, you know the tension is high and they are going to do all they got to win him over and get to those Hometown Dates on The Bachelor 2014! Check out the details from ABC here:

“An emotional group date with the other four women — Andi, Chelsie, Clare and Renee – begins on a private island. One fortunate bachelorette, who gets the rose, also will get special alone time with Juan Pablo. Everyone else will be sent back to the hotel. Andi and Clare break down as they relate touching sentiments and stories. The lucky lady who does get the rose spends the remainder of the day and evening with the Bachelor, leaving three jealous, seething women. A magical night in Miami awaits the happy bachelorette, including multi-platinum Latin music superstar Romeo Santos serenading the couple with a special musical performance – “Cancioncitas de Amor” — off his upcoming much anticipated Sony Music Latin album “Formula Vol. 2” (Feb. 25 release), while they dance the night away.”

One of these women are going to be very happy, but the other three are going to be some angry ladies! Check out photos from the group date tonight below in our Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers:

It looks like Juan Pablo will be spreading the love around to these women on the group date, huh? Which woman do you think gets the extra alone time? Will Clare win out again???

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