The theme for The Bachelor 2014 seems to be that Nikki Ferrell is bitchy and acts differently around the women on The Bachelor Season 18 than she does when with The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. However, Juan Pablo ends up choosing Nikki in the end??? To be honest, Nikki is supposed to be the villain of the season and all the women hate her, but we haven’t really seen much of this until last week in South Korea. The producers started to edit in that bitchy side of Nikki and now in this deleted scene from The Bachelor 2014, we see Clare, Kelly and Renee discussing that bitchy side of Nikki! Check it out in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers video below!


It does make me wonder how long the producers sit in the edit rooms and work on the video footage from the entire season. They have all the power when it comes to the show. They can edit things to make any of the women on The Bachelor Season 18 look the way they want them to look. Oh, they want Andi as the next Bachelorette, let’s start editing that to make America like her!

[SPOILERS: Click here for spoilers on Final Four women on The Bachelor 2014!]

So, if NIkki Ferrell wins The Bachelor 2014, do producers want to portray her as the villain and everyone be upset when The Bachelor Juan Pablo picks her??? Maybe that is why the bitchy side has not been seen yet, but it appears the girls are seeing it and not liking it! Check out some of the ladies discussing it here:

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