It is Week 3 on The Bachelor 2014 and it looks like the dates will continue and the tensions will rise for the 15 women remaining in our Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers! Juan Pablo and the ladies are still in Los Angeles and it looks like the group date tonight has them trying out Juan Pablo’s element: soccer! When you have 15 women trying to fight over the same guy on The Bachelor Season 18 the claws will come out and it looks like that will happen tonight on The Bachelor 2014! And what is said to be the most awkward kiss in Bachelor history! Check out the details in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers video below!

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Last week on The Bachelor 2014, it was time for the first one-on-one and group dates for Juan Pablo. We got to see winter wonderlands, electric runs and naked photo shoots. And we may have seen Clare Crawley step out as a frontrunner! We also got a chance to see Victoria drink a little too much at the evening portion of the group date. Needless to say, she made a fool out of herself and Juan Pablo sent her home packing! At the Rose Ceremony, he also sent home Amy L. and Chantel, who were both shocked to get eliminated.

For tonight, we get to see scared girls be forced to bungee jump and the women compete in a soccer match. You know the winners will get to spend the evening with Juan Pablo and the losers miss out on more time with The Bachelor Juan Pablo. Let the competitive spirits shine! Check it out:

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