Bachelor host Chris Harrison doesn’t think Courtney Robertson redeemed herself, and she still needs to apologize. This week, Courtney admitted that she felt terrible about her horrible actions, but she didn’t apologize to Ben or the other women.  Actually, she didn’t even bring up the fact that she was regretful to Ben. Harrison thinks that Courtney still needs to prove that she is a half decent person.

“I don’t think Courtney redeemed herself on the hometown date,” Chris told TV Guide. “In a lot of people’s eyes she has more to do.” Chris does acknowledge that Courtney took a first step towards her path to redemption by realizing that she made major mistakes. “At least we got to see a very different human side of her,” Chris explains. “She was more contrite and she regretted the fact that she treated the women like that. Once you get away from the situation, you realize how it got the best of you and it did for her.”

Now it’s in the hands of Courtney herself to step up and do the decent thing, which is to maturely settle the conflicts she created with the other women and Ben, and she’s probably got a lot of listening to do when she asks for forgiveness. “Will she go further than that as far as apologizing and owning up to it?” Chris wonders. “We’ll see at the Women Tell All.”

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