Bachelor Ben Flajnik says the show was the worst experience of his life. While it was supposed to be an exciting quest for love, according to, Ben Flajnik reportedly hated filming The Bachelor. At the taping of the Women Tell All special, Ben allegedly was overheard complaining about the show. “Ben was talking to the producers of The Bachelor, and when they asked him if he would do the show again, he said ‘No way!,’” a source tells “‘This was the worst experience of my life.’”

Ben seemed extremely distressed  and emotionally exhausted at the taping. “Ben couldn’t hide how miserable he was during the taping,” says the source. “Everyone could see that he wasn’t happy.” And par for the course, Courtney was far from a good sport about the whole ordeal as well.

And Courtney, who is said  to be the chosen woman of Ben heart and fiancee, was just as distant and detached. “Courtney was complaining and moaning ‘Can we stop this now?’ because she was annoyed that the women were picking on her and that the process was taking so long,” notes the source. “A producer had to remind her, ‘You’re doing this for you and Ben.’ She agreed but was rolling her eyes the whole time; basically she just couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

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