Bachelor Ben Flajnik admits he chose the wrong woman, now feels regretful and resentful. But now, sources say that Ben is totally regretting his decision-which is allegedly proposing to Courtney- and that he feels like he should have picked another woman in the end. According to a new article from, Ben’s close friends have come out and shared that he knows he chose the wrong woman and is now living in regret.

“Ben admitted to a close friend: ‘I chose the wrong woman,’” a source tells Reality Weekly. Ben was tricked into making his decision. “Ben knows he made a mistake,” says the source. “He feels really played and is truly unhappy about the way things turned out.”

“Ben’s a romantic and was blinded by the situation,” the source explains. “Now, he’s realizing there were some seriously great girls on the show, but he completely blew it.”

We’ve reported that after seeing the first few episodes, Ben felt like an idiot for choosing Courtney, despite being warned multiple times. “He feels like a fool for not seeing Courtney’s motives when they were so clear to everyone else, but he’s also pretty hurt and insulted,” says the source. “He thought Courtney really had feelings for him and believed her when she said she wanted to be with him.”

Ben is obligated to pretend that he’s in love until the season finale airs. “He proposed, so he still has to behave like he’s madly in love with the winner,” says the source. “But he’s really starting to resent her.”