Bachelor 2012 wild & revealing sneak peek clip shows Ben confronting Courtney in Belize. In the new clip, Ben tells the girls that he is sure his future wife is in the remaining group. Then he tells them that they’ll be heading to Belize this time, another beautiful destination, such as Panama was. The clip also shows many scenes with the bachelorettes having fun on their dates with Ben. At one point Kacie B tells Ben that she’s falling in love with him. Ben is then seen kissing Courtney on a 1 on 1 date.

The clip shows the girls plotting out a way to expose cunning Courtney’s game plan. They approach Ben, and warn him about Courtney.

He takes the warning seriously, and starts doubting her. Finally, the moment happens that we’ve all been waiting for, Ben pulls Courtney aside to question her intentions with him.

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