Bachelor 2012 spoiler,Kacie returns,goes to Switzerland to tell Ben about Courtney in the finale.  Kacie Boguskie will return in the finale to warn Ben that, at least according to her, Ben is going to make a huge mistake if he proposes to Courtney, as Kacie suspects will happen.

According to the clips, Ben takes this very seriously. Is it possible that at the last minute Ben does change his mind about proposing to Courtney? Absolutely. Reality Steve is a very reliable source for spoilers, but nobody is ever 100% right. What would happen if Ben had already proposed before Kacie got to him?

The possibility for this finale are endless, and the suspense is sure to keep everyone glued to their seats. I personally hope that Ben decides to go with Kacie. She’s a great girl, and Courtney (and her family) have already proved to be in this more for exposure than love.

Are you glad to learn Kacie will be back?

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