Bachelor 2012 shocking spoiler, Casey gets sent home due to boyfriend scandal. Casey is seen in many sneak peek previews for the show as crying on Chris Harrison’s shoulder, but the reason remains a mystery. According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, Casey has a boyfriend by the name of Michael Patak back home and Chris Harrison steps in to talk to her about it.

In the preview scene in the video (at left of this screen), the other women are watching “The Bachelor” host in a serious conversation with Casey outside. She is then seen crying her eyes out before leaving in a limo. In the footage, she says she was beginning to fall for Ben.

Chris Harrison blogged on Tuesday that he regretted how he handled the Bently situation when it came to Ashley Hebert during The Bachelorette last season, so he made sure this time he was more protective of the lead’s part in this show, meaning Ben’s heart.

Meanwhile,  another Kacie will be returning for the finale. I guess Courtney can’t be sent home for that since she actually dumped her boyfriend before appearing on The Bachelor. Follow us on Facebook for updates by Clicking Here.

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