Bachelor 2012 lies Revealed, Courtney Robertson dumped long time boyfriend for show. Courtney Robertson has manipulations and habitual lying down to an art. A source reveals that Courtney had a very serious boyfriend that she dumped without explanation to go on The Bachelor and meet Ben Flajnik.

Courtney told Ben in a previous episode that “she’s had a hard time meeting men and hardly ever went on dates”. I, along with you readers are going to have a hard time believing that after learning that she dumped her boyfriend to go on The Bachelor. She’s also been linked to famous stars such as Jesse Metcalfe and Adrian Grenier.

“She was dating photographer Cavan Clark for months,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. “The one day she stopped calling; she told him she needed space.”

When Courtney dumped Cavan, she never told him the real reason it was over. “She never told him him she was going on The Bachelor,” says the source. “He was heartbroken when he found out.”

And Courtney’s mother is actually saying Ben isn’t hot or good enough for her? Here’s hoping the engagement report is somehow false. Follow us on Facebook for updates by Clicking Here.

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