Bachelor 2012 Kacie B eliminated during hometown dates, but she’s not gone for good. Expectations and personal connection was as critical as ever during the hometown visits on The Bachelor tonight. Kacie was eliminated, and as she left, her parting words were “what the f**k  happened?” She’ll return for the finale thought, which is said to end with Ben proposing to Courtney.

Ben Flajnik first dropped by Lindzi Coxs in Florida, where greeted him on the horse, the same form as in the season premiere. Lindzi’s parents were very pleased with Flajnik and the idea of he and Lindzi together. Both Ben and Lindzi were overjoyed with how flawless things went.

The trip to Kacie Boguskies in Tennessee didn’t go as well. Kacie greeted Flajnik with a full marching band and a huge hug, but things took a turn for the worst as soon as he walked into her home.

Kacie’s parents were extremely skeptical and were both very forward and rigid while explaining their concerns to Flanjnik. Neither parent would approve that their daughter move in with Flajnik if they were to get engaged, and told both Kacie and Flajnik that it would not happen. If there’s a way to get a guy to run away, that’s it. She will be back for the finale though.

Flajnik was much better received with Nicki Sterling‘s parents in Texas. Even her younger brother admitted, “I actually like the guy.” And Nicki herself told Flajnik she was in love with him (his response was, “Really?”) That doesn’t sound promising..which is why she gets eliminated next week.

The last visit, of course, was saved for this season’s most controversial woman, miss Courtney Robertson.

The model pulled out all the stops for Flajnik’s visit by throwing a faux wedding for them to participate in, complete with their own handwritten vows. Yes, she actually went there. Talk about manipulation. She began her vows by plagiarizing a quote by the character of Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City finale. Courtney also proclaimed her love to Ben. Follow us on Facebook by clicking here. Follow us on Twitter by clicking here!

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