Bachelor 2012 host Chris Harrison takes Courtney Robertson’s side, believes her lies. Courtney has not only blinded Ben Flajnik, but she’s blinded the man who has been calling her out all season. Bachelor host Chris Harrison believes that Courtney honestly poured her heart out to Ben during Monday nights episode, and truly loves him.

“I found it interesting to hear that upon reflection, Courtney isn’t happy about the way she acted towards the other women and regrets it,” Chris explains Courtney’s bad behavior in his Entertainment Weekly blog. “It seems that her demeanor was one big defense mechanism.”

“This doesn’t excuse everything she’s done and she still has some explaining to do, but at the very least, this was a great glimpse into what makes her tick,” Chris says. “I think not living with the other women anymore gave Courtney some time to reflect on her actions.”

It comes off as if Chris is on her side, and believes that Courtney was being genuine and truthful with Ben about her feelings of love. “It really showed an interesting side of Courtney,” he writes. “She definitely opened up to Ben and expressed her love to him, but it was very hard and uncomfortable for her. She had trouble reading her vows and it seemed like it was really hard for her to spit it out.”

“The most important thing though is her relationship with Ben,” Chris insits. “Ben gets her and appreciates the way she is.” Follow us on Facebook by clicking here.

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