Bachelor 2012 host Chris Harrison says Courtney Robertson ‘makes everything about herself’. Bachelor host Chris Harrison has taken to his blog again this week, revealing the techniques that Courtney uses to trap Ben.

“There is something very interesting I noticed about Courtney this week, and that is just how much she makes everything about her,” Chis writes in his personal Entertainment Weekly blog. “Most of the girls are worried about how much they are opening up to Ben. Courtney, on the other hand, said several times that Ben needs to step up his game and open up to her.”

Courtney pretends to need emotional support from Ben in order to make him feel needed and wanted. “This week we got a glimpse of a completely different side of Courtney,” Chris notes. “Up to this point she’s been supremely confident and unflappable, but this week she was emotional and insecure.”

Courtney will do anything she has to and lie about anything to win Ben. “The other major happening this week was the other women warning Ben about Courtney,” says Chris. “It does have him thinking, and he had a half-hearted talk with her before the rose ceremony, but when they are alone she knows exactly what to say to settle his nerves.”

Do you agree with Harrison’s views?

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