Bachelor 2012 host Chris Harrison says Courtney is controlling Ben, and flips things to give her the power. Ben Flajnik finally begins to fully question Courtney Robertson’s motives, but during episode 9 of The Bachelor, Courtney fools him again, and Ben gives her the rose. Harrison is sure that the reason Ben is so confident and pleased with Courtney is because she knows exactly how to flip things around so she has power over Ben’s heart.

“There is one thing I noticed again this week concerning Courtney and Ben,” Chris writes in his Entertainment Weekly blog. “Courtney continues to turn the situation around, giving her the power position.”

“For example this week while the other two women chose to accept the fantasy suite, Courtney turned the tables and asked Ben to accept,” Chris notes. “These things are very subtle, but it’s a defense mechanism of hers she’s used several times with him.”

“Ben left that date feeling good about Courtney and their relationship,” Chris continues. Chris also writes that Ben was a mess during the ceremony. I guess once the power and control wears off, you’re stuck with yourself Ben. Sound off below.

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