Bachelor 2012 episode 7 juicy spoiler clip below, helicopter jumping & shark swimming. Ben and his six remaining women will travel to exotic Belize! Ben will have four dates this week. Three one-on-ones, and one group date. Yes, unfortunately one of the one-on-one dates includes one with Courtney.

The first one-on-one date will be with Lindzi Cox. According to Reality Steve, the pair will jump out of a helicopter into “the Great Blue Hole.” Ben and Lindzi get along famously and Ben rewards her with a rose, keeping her safe for another week.

On the next date, Ben and Emily spend the day exploring the tiny island of Caye Caulker, Belize. Emily doesn’t get a rose and she is sent home broken-hearted.

The group date will find Ben, Kacie, Rachel and Nicki spending the day swimming with sharks.

Courtney does whatever it is she does ensuring she will receive a rose, keeping her around for at least another week.

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