Bachelor 2012 eliminated girls clip, Blakeley says Ben Flajnik made her feel like he genuinely cared. The three girls who departed this week talk about their time on the show and their thoughts on Ben. Watch the video below to see and hear the girls heartfelt words.

“He made me feel happy. He made me feel like someone genuinely cared about me”, Blakeley says in a clip released by ABC. “I thought it was my time. Maybe it is my time, just not with Ben.”

“I’d never met any guy like Ben before.” says a teary eyed Jamie. “Unfortunately we never had a one on one so I was never able to open up to him. I feel fortunate to have met him, and fortunate to know that there are guys in the world like him.”

The cameras catch up to Casey S while she’s in the back of the car (post breakdown I’m guessing). “I wasn’t going bring up Michael” she insists. “I came here to fall in love with Ben, and being here I can’t deny I’m in love with someone else back home.”

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