Bachelor 2012 Courtney slips up at Women Tell All special, reveals ending. Was it just me, or did you all notice that Courtney said “I cared for him”, and then quickly threw in “and I still do”? That isn’t something you say about your fiance. So either Ben doesn’t propose to Courtney, or he did and they’ve already ended things.

Proof and speculation lead us to believe the latter. He’s been seen with other women, Lindzi was not present at the reunion, which could lead us to be believe that she is Ben’s current fiance. The promos also show Ben saying that he can see his life with Lindzi, and nowhere in the promos does he say that about Courtney.

New York Times best-selling author and founder of The Quantum Success Coaching Academy Christy Whitman revealed to Hollywood Life: “Courtney slipped on the ‘Tell All’ episode by saying, ‘I cared for him’ and then tried to cover up by quickly adding, ‘I still do.’ She gave it away that she is no longer with Ben.” Her colleague and co-author Rebecca Grado agreed, admitting, “I caught the Courtney slip too!”

What do yo think? Do you catch Courtney’s slip up?