Bachelor 2012 Courtney Robertson has a secret sex tape, and she’s worried it will be released. While Courtney convinced Ben to get naked and go skinny dipping with her in Puerto Rico, and was anxious to do it again in Panama, where she went topless without a thought, it might be because that wasn’t the first time she’s been naked where others could see. Courtney filmed a “dirty” sex tap with her ex-boyfriend Cavan Clark, who she was planning to marry until she got the call to go on The Bachelor, an insider reveals.

Before dumping Cavan, they filmed a tape to capture their intimate moments. “It’s pretty dirty,” the insider tells Us. “There are photos, too. But it isn’t Cavan’s style to release them.”

Courtney was supposed to marry Cavan. “He was planning to propose to her with a 3-carat Tiffany ring that she picked out,” a source shares.

But Courtney dumped him as soon as she got the call in July to do The Bachelor. “She told Cavan she needed time to be single,” explains the source. “She told him she needed three months alone.” Cavan learned the truth when he saw Courtney on TV a few months later.

Courtney has a scary past of using men. “She’s like monkey,” the source notes. “She won’t let go of one branch until she grabs hold of another — and she’s always looking for a better branch. She wants to snag a rich dude.”

Now, Courtney is pulling her moves on poor, unsuspecting Ben. “She knows exactly what to say to guys,” says the source. “Her best line is before having sex with a man. She’ll ask him, ‘Are your ready for your date with destiny?’”

Still, Courtney is “worried about her ex exposing secrets about her,” claims another source.  Follow us on Facebook by clicking here.

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