Bachelor 2012 Courtney Robertson’s ex boyfriend says she’s not in it for love. Someone should have told Courtney that if she was going to hop from one wealthy man to another in Hollywood that they would eventually ban together, especially if she took her escapades onto television. Courtney’s ex-boyfriend Dylan Hall, whom she dated for two years, and a close friend reveal that the only reason Courtney is going after Ben is for his money and to get famous.

“Courtney’s being “fake” with Ben”, Dylan tells In Touch magazine.  “Her act is a complete lie. The show isn’t real.”

And if Courtney does like Ben, it’s just because of his wealth and the level of fame he is helping her to achieve. “She is actually very high-maintenance,” the friend shares. “All she cares about is her extravagant lifestyle.”

Courtney has always depended on men to take care of her financially. “She always latches onto guys who can help support her,” says the friend. “Courtney’s not very nice. She’s always had guys taking care of her.”

“Courtney is only on the show for fame and exposure,” another insider states. “She’s not doing it for love.”

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