ben flajnik

Bachelor 2012 Ben showing doubts about picking Courtney after watching the show back. According to Ben’s latest blog post,he’s not looking too sure that his reported Courtney pick was exactly the right one after watching back her scandalous actions on the pre-taped shows that are now airing on ABC every Monday night.

First, he revealed that he was completely oblivious to the scandalous drama that evil Courtney was causing with the other women,and thought she was just making the most of her moments with him.

He went on to explain that he tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt,and did appreciate the women who took a risk to come out of their shell and spend more time with him on group dates and did not just sit back and let the other women take charge.

Lastly,he said, “while I was feeling all these positive thoughts, little did I know there was a big blowout between Emily and Courtney happening, which again makes me wonder what was I not really seeing in some of the women. Whether or not this was the right decision, I don’t know, it still remains to be seen.”

It was reported by Reality Steve that he did,indeed,pick Courtney to be his future wife,and Steve has been right most of the time. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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