Bachelor 2012 Ben Flajnik’s best friend says Courtney Robertson is pulling her manipulation card, and she is all About Control And Sex. Ben’s best friend Constantine Tzortzis grows more wary of Courtney every week, and he’s not the least bit shy in revealing his feelings for her. In his new Warner Bros Bachelor fan site blog post, Constantine slams Courtney for her sexual aggression and calls her out on not really caring for Ben.

During last weeks group date, Courtney took her top off to don a see-through native crop top and then continued to dance provocatively in front of Ben, the other women and a whole slew of Panama villagers. “In an act of pure selflessness, Courtney is forced to go all Nat Geo with the hope of saving Ben and her housemates,” Constantine jokes.

“Fortunately for Courtney this wasn’t the ‘other’ Chris’s show, where gyrating in front of small children can only lead to handcuffs. Ultimately the sacrifice of Courtney’s dignity and class were enough to appease the primitive villagers and the group was let free to leave in peace.”

Courtney’s aggressiveness during her alone time with Ben really aggravated Constantine. “Ben and Courtney’s private conversation reveals yet another attempt at absolute relationship control on Courtney’s part,” he remarks. “Again Courtney reaches into her pocket and attempts to pull the yellow manipulation card and it doesn’t seem to have the same effect upon Ben as when it was first used in Utah. Courtney realizes that her tactics have stalled and immediately switches up and begins to mention all the provocative things she can imagine her and Ben engaging in at a later date. Once she sees our Bachelor is fully switched on she goes in for a kiss and immediately pulls away.”

“I refer to this tactic as ‘The Dangled Carrot,’” Constantine continues. “It simply plants the seeds of control sublimely under the guise of future promises of pleasure. I must admit Courtney is crafty; the question stands, is this a product of the game or is the game a product of her?”

Constantine refers to Courtney as the “Alpha model” who “the light of shame is cast upon” when she attacks Emily O’Brien for apologizing to her. Courtney lacks “the least bit of dignity and class,” according to Constantine.

“It’s clear that … Courtney [is] gaining ground through brash behavior and overtly sexual advances towards Ben,” notes Constantine.

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