Bachelor 2012 Ben Flajnik’s best friend calls Courtney a develish vixen, says she’s tricking him. Courtney Robertson‘s manipulative and cunning antics are getting so noticeably desperate that even Bachelor Ben Flajnik‘s best friend Constantine Tzortzis is getting concerned. In a new blog, Constantine warns his friend to watch out for Courtney’s tricks.

“Courtney isolates Ben and starts to plant seeds of devilish intention with thoughts of wine and skinny dipping,” Constantine explains in his blog on Warner Bros Bachelor fan site. “This leaves our Bachelor confused, as he isn’t fully aware of Courtney’s ability to do whatever the hell she wants.”

“I’m guessing Courtney sneaks off to surprise Ben and positions herself in front of Ben’s room and awaits for our Bachelor to return,” Constantine describes. “Upon Ben’s arrival it’s worthy to note the look of sheer terror on his face as he turns to see the devilish vixen in white toting two glasses and a bottle of vino.”

Constantine seems worried that Ben got tricked into such a compromising situation. “Inside the room they sit and chat, again note the fear in our Bachelor’s body language,” he notes. “It’s as if he’s snuck into the room of his first girlfriend, waiting with trained ear for the doorknob to turn so he can escape out a window. There’s even a point where our Bachelor admits that, ‘this probably isn’t a good idea,’ but nothing fun ever really is so onto the beach they go.”

“Here it’s evident our Bachelor has full convinced himself that this is a good idea,” Constantine continues. “After all you are still relatively single and by the time everyone finds out you’ll be engaged to some lucky lady and the statue of limitations will already be up. Can you say loophole? Boom.”

Like the most Bachelor fans, Constantine appears to hope that Ben will open his eyes and see Courtney for the woman she is, and fall for another woman. “It’s clear who commands most of our Bachelors attention up to this point,” Constantine says. “Surely though this can’t be a one horse race so soon?” Follow us on Facebook by clicking here.

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