Bachelor 2012 Ben feels terrible about the way he sent Casey home, and regrets not listening to her. Ben Flajnik was completely caught off guard when Casey S. showed up at his hotel room unexpectedly during the week 6 of The Bachelor and told him that she still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Ben stopped her in the middle of her tears and sent her home, and now, wishes that he had been kinder to Casey when he dumped her, and at least heard her out.

“After such an intense week … I wasn’t prepared for Casey S. to show up at my room,” Ben wrote in his personal blog. “Watching it now I realize I could’ve been more sympathetic to her.”

Ben now understands that he neglected to listen to everything Casey had to explain. “She was clearly involved with a guy that wasn’t appreciating her but all I could hear was that she was still in love with someone else,” Ben explains. “I had just sent Blakeley home, which was really hard on both of us, and I kept thinking, ‘How could you let yourself be here still if you’re not that into me?’”

Ben wishes nothing but the best for Casey and hopes that she will find love. “I can’t change the way I reacted but I do hope Casey S. finds a man that appreciates her like she deserves,” he says.

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