It is almost time for more acts on America’s Got Talent 2015 to take the stage tonight and perform for a spot in the next round on AGT 2015. The auditions on America’s Got Talent Season 10 continue and Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Mel B and Howie Mandel will be looking for more talented acts to move on in the competition. Watch the Week 3 auditions on AGT 2015 with us tonight during our America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap below!

America's Got Talent 2015 Spoilers - Week 3 Auditions Recap

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 10, I was a little disappointed with the acts. Yes, there were some talented acts in there, but then it seemed like more of the focus was on the crazy acts and the judges, for some reason, sending them on to the next round! A lot of them seemed unworthy of moving on to the next round, so I was not happy with their decisions. However, Benjamin Yonattan was definitely a story that made me cry and his dancing was pretty good, so he definitely deserved to move on! However, there were plenty of acts that moved on that should have gone home.

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All of the hopeful acts will bring their talents to the auditions in hopes of moving on to the next round and getting one step closer to that $1 million prize! Watch it with us in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on AGT 2015 Recap or see the videos of the auditions on America’s Got Talent Season 10 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

Freelusion Dance Company – He does some dancing and he said video mapping. It is some funky stuff, but he did seem a little off the music at times. I feel this is something cool, but something we have seen before in the past. Heidi said he is a beautiful dancer. Mel B said job well done and perfection. Howard said it was a beautiful presentation and they have an act here. Howie said they moved him, so they are going on to the next round!

Paul Zerdin – He is a ventriloquist and he knows that is a weird thing. He starts out with some jokes and it is funny, He brings out Sam and it starts a little slow, but it gets better and he has some jokes in there. He got a little repetitive at times, but overall pretty decent. Howard said he is excited about that performance. Mel B said he just did everything and did everything really well. He is moving on to the next round!

Tao and Vard – They are going to be dancing ballroom and she is 96 years old! What is up with all the old people this season??? While I commend her for being able to do all those dance moves, it was not that great and people only cheering because she is 96 years old. Would anyone pay to see this? The judges loved it and think it is an inspiration, so they are moving on to the next round!

Alondra Santos – She is a Mariachi singer, 13 years old and learned it from her grandmother. She is a shy girl and has never performed in front of a big crowd like this. She may be shy, but she opens her mouth to sing and a confident singer comes out. She has some major chops! Mel B said she should be pleased and happy with that performance. Howard said he would like to hear the sweetness in her voice at times. The judges send her to the next round on America’s Got Talent 2015!

The Orchids – They are a singing duo from Oklahoma and met at karaoke. They said they rocked the stage and just hit it off, so this should be a big joke, right??? They rock some amazing dance moves and their voices are even better…or not!!! They get four buzzers and are heading home!

Scott Heierman – He comes out wearing a dress, heels and pink makeup on, but then has a bushy beard? Not sure about this one, but he is doing comedy. To be honest, he had a lot of energy and he had some good jokes in there and he made me laugh! While I don’t understand the whole getup, I love him and the judges did too and he is moving on to the next round!

Michael John – He is one beefy magician! He asks Mel B to come on the stage to help him out. He gives her a card and she puts it in her front teeth and bites it down and then he takes a card and does the same thing. He moves close to her and somehow, they switched cards in their mouths! He then tells her to think of her first kiss and she punches him in the chest and the initials of that first kiss show up on his chest! How is that possible? The judges loved it and he is moving on to the next round and he breaks down in tears!

Ouahib – He is from Algeria and a cab driver. I figured he would be a joke and that is what he was. He was funny to watch, but not a good dancer at all! He is headed home, but not before Howie joins him on stage to dance!

Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra – You know we all love the kids and they are definitely cuties. They don’t just sit and play though, as they are moving around that stage and even doing splits while playing the violin! It was cute and they are moving on to the next round!

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Leroy Patterson – He said he is a pain junkie and has a very high pain tolerance. He likes jumping off roofs, cars and does things to the extreme. For this stunt, he is becoming a Human Tackboard! He strips down to his underwear and pours out 5,000 thumb tacks! He proceeds to jump on them and even bangs his head into them. He is bleeding and this is just insane, as he has thumb tacks in his body! Heidi is a BIG no, but the other judges want to see more and he is going to the next round!

Duo Vladimir – They do acrobats and have been performing together for seven years. They said they combine hand balancing, acrobats and knives. They proceed to do some amazing tricks and these guys are so strong. They then both put knives in their mouths and the one balances in the air on the knives. This was insane and I loved it and the judges loved it and they are moving on to the next round!

Sharon Irving – She is 29 years old and a singer and she grew up singing in the church. While she has a good voice, I wasn’t feeling the emotion of the lyrics. I have heard this song done many times on all the singing shows and I don’t think this was one of the best performances I have heard. Heidi said she has an honest, amazing voice. Howard said he knows when someone is great and he is a fan. Howie said she moved every heart in this room and in America. Mel B said she sent chills down her spine and you could hear a pin drop, which compels her to hit the Golden Buzzer and Sharon is going directly to the live shows!

The auditions on AGT 2015 are done for tonight! Who was your favorite?

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