We get to see even more auditions on America’s Got Talent 2015 tonight, as the AGT judges 2015 (Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Mel B and Howard Stern) will check out the new acts on AGT Season 10. Things got off to a pretty good start with the America’s Got Talent Season 10 premiere last week, but can they continue tonight? We get to see soon during our America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap, so watch the auditions on AGT 2015 tonight with us!

America's Got Talent 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Recap

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 10, things kicked off and Nick Cannon was guiding us through another summer of auditions on AGT 2015. We all know that these auditions are just there to make us cry, right? It was Night 1 and I was a blubbering mess, per usual! We saw some amazing acts, including Chris Jones who made Howie Shakes Hands! That was so intense and it makes you wonder, since Howie is such a germophobe and refuses to shake hands. Overall, it was a strong start to Season 10.

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All of the hopeful acts will bring their talents to the auditions in hopes of moving on to the next round and getting one step closer to that $1 million prize! Watch it with us in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on AGT 2015 Recap or see the videos of the auditions on America’s Got Talent Season 10 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…kind of a cool intro video, as we saw the judges enter the arena. Now to the auditions!

DM Nation – They are an all-girl hip-hop dance group. They were in sync and they were hitting it hard. They had some great tricks and it was enjoyable. Heidi said perfection. Howard said they are fun to watch and they are fantastic. Mel B said they were off the chain! Of course, they are moving on to the next round!

Wayne Hoffman – He is a mentalist and studied psychology in college and thinks that is what made him want to look at the human mind more. He said he is a dad now and not doing the danger stunts, but he is going to light firecrackers in his mouth? There are three firecrackers and two are duds and one is not, but he will pick the duds! He has Howie come up and move them around, as his back is turned. He puts them in his mouth and sets them on fire. He picks two duds and the other one blows up in the box! It took a long time and I was not impressed, but the judges loved it and he is moving on to the next round!

The Craig Lewis Band – They are a singing duo that met while singing against each other at a talent show. They said they have been singing everywhere over the past ten years, especially places that will give them food! After this performance, I am thinking they should be demanding money and not food! Howie said he cannot believe up until now they have been working for food. Mel B said they have powerful voice and they were on-point. They are heading to the next round on AGT Season 10!

The Professional Regurgitator – He swallows things and brings them back up. Sounds exciting, huh? He swallows four coins with numbers on them. He brings them up at different times. He then swallows a light bulb and I am just annoyed by him, his dirty teeth and this whole act! Heidi said he is her favorite act so far. Howard said people will love him and people will be talking about him. He is moving on to the next round!

Ronnie the Dancer – He said he is famous in the Vancouver clubs and he has 50,000 fans. He comes out and he has some moves, but this is a joke. He ends with the judges buzzing him out as he hits the splits!

Benjamin Yonattan – He is a dancer, but he is blind. He wears some glasses, which helps expand his vision. He said he basically sees like you are looking through a straw. It took almost an hour, but here come the tears! His story is amazing, but he is a very good dancer too and he is only 14 years old. It is so nice seeing his mother backstage cheering him on too. The judges loved him and inspired by him and he is moving on to the next round!

Shirley Claire – She is 87 years old and single and ready to mingle! She used to be a showgirl and talks about all the things she used to get at an early age! She is a singer and not the greatest, but she definitely looks amazing for 87! The judges want to see more from her, so she is moving on to the next round.

Xakary the Magician – He is a magician and will be sawing Heidi in half tonight, who is not too happy about this one! She was not in on the trick, but he definitely sawed her in half. I am shocked, as are the judges and they want to see him again. He is moving on to the next round!

Alicia Michilli – She is a singer, but doesn’t want to be the center of attention and doesn’t like the spotlight on her. How can she be a big singer then? She has a great sound to her voice and is a very good singer. She doesn’t seem to be showing any nerves while performing! The judges definitely want to see more from her and she is moving on!

Youngblood – No explanation of what he is going to do, but he sucks some milk up his nose and then shoots it out of his eye! He shoots it into some glasses. Howard said he got to the point where he was going to throw up. Heidi said what a hot mess. Mel B and Howie were intrigued by him, but he needs three votes and he is headed home!

Derek Hughes – He is a magician and had to have open heart surgery as a child and he got a magic box to help him get through it in the hospital, so he said he would grow up to be a magician and here he is. He starts out really rough, but he turns it up and he is so funny and I liked it. He does a card trick and the card ends up in his butt crack! It was cool and he was entertaining and he is going to the next round on AGT 2015!

Freckled Sky – They say this is the first time they are performing this, but both have been dancing for years. We have seen dance groups use the animation and the screen behind them, but this was so different and this was amazing. It was different and so in sync and I definitely want to see more! Howard said he was so moved by their performance and he hits the Golden Buzzer for them, so they are moving directly to the live shows!

The auditions are done for tonight! Who was your favorite?

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