We are one step closer to finding out the winner of America’s Got Talent 2015, as the auditions on AGT 2015 are behind us and now we have the Judge Cuts on America’s Got Talent Season 10 tonight! The acts are all fighting for a spot on the live shows at Radio City Music Hall, but not all of them can make it. Join us tonight for our America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap and see who makes it through!

Grand Master Qi Feilong

Grand Master Qi Feilong

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 10, the auditions came to an end and it was the final acts trying to show the judges they deserved a spot in the next round. We did see some pretty good acts along the way, including the dance group Pretty Big Movement, which I loved, but overall it was a little slow night. I think NBC gave us most of the good acts in the first few weeks, so these were fillers and I was ready for the next round to begin!

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All of the hopeful acts will bring their talents to the Judge Cuts in hopes of moving on to the live shows and getting one step closer to that $1 million prize! Watch it with us in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on America’s Got Talent 2015 Recap or see the videos of the performances on America’s Got Talent Season 10 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the acts will be fighting for a spot in the live shows. 20 acts tonight and 7 acts move on. Howard Stern picked Neil Patrick Harris as his special guest judge tonight! Neil has a Golden Buzzer tonight and will be able to hit it once tonight and that act gets to go straight to the live shows!

Freelusion Dance Company – I enjoyed them the first time and they have a cool concept, but it seems like their dance moves and the animation going on behind them was not together. Or it didn’t make sense tonight.

Paul Ponce – He is a juggler and was juggling cowboy hats last time, so I am intrigued to see this one. Now he bounces a soccer ball on his head and even has the ball do some jump rope on his head, but not that exciting.

Silvia Silvia – This is Paul’s mother and they are competing against each other this season. She brings out the crossbow again shoots some balloon, but then does some trick of shooting at targets and that sets off like six guns that then the final one shoots the apple on her head. That was so intense and so cool to see, so she won me over on that one!

Chapkis Dance Family – There are 28 members in their dance troupe. They are fun and upbeat. They seemed to have a little stumble in the middle, but it was high energy. They were in sync, but it didn’t seem like anything too exciting to me.

Samantha Hess – This is the cuddler and not even sure how she moved on to this round. She said she has been practicing and has some new moves. She uses Neil as her helper this time and Howard buzzes them right away. It is beyond awkward, but Neil makes it funny. However, all four judges hit their buzzers on her and she is going home on AGT 2015!

QUICK LOOKS – Time for the kids, as we see Elin & Noah and Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra take the stage.

Alondra Santos – She comes out and her dress is huge, but beautiful. She has a great voice and it seems like a lot of emotion in the song. However, I don’t have a clue what she is singing or saying and that makes me not like it as much.

Michael John – He was the former baseball player now doing magic. He said magic made him happier. He uses a coin and has Howard put his initials on one side and Mel B put her initials on the other side. He then seems to throw it in an unopened pop can and then opens it and the initialed coin is there. Kind of boring, which is sad because he is so cute!

Piff the Magic Dragon – I loved the guy during his audition. He was funny and now he brought a little dog with him, also in a dragon costume. He brings Heidi up as an assistant again and has her pick a card. This guy is hilarious and I love him. He ends up finding her card in a can of dog food and this is good stuff!

QUICK LOOK – Duo Ignite take the stage.

Myq Kaplan – He is a comedian and we didn’t see much of him the first time, so I want to see more of this! He has some good jokes and he got me laughing. I like him and want to see more!

QUICK LOOKS – Nick & Eddie take the stage and some bad comments from Howie and Howard. Keith Kline is next and some bad reviews for him also on America’s Got Talent 2015.

3 Shades of Blue – This is the rock group from last week that I really enjoyed. Howard said he really wants to see a rock band win this thing. I liked them the first week, but this one seemed to be bore me. They are cute, so that is a positive, but the song didn’t work for me tonight.

QUICK LOOKS – Marc & Kiri, vibez and X-treme Tricking and Tumbling all take the stage and get some pretty good reviews.

Grand Master Qi Feilong – He is a kung fu master and I was annoyed by him and his audition, so this should be interesting. They said he is going to create fire today using nothing but energy. He has Neil and Mel B come up and hold newspapers. He tries hard, but gets four buzzers and no fire. After the buzzers, the fire starts. It is too late though, as he is X’d out and is headed home!

Samantha Johnson – We have to hear her story again of her mother leaving her family and having to step up as mom. She has a great voice and I like the song choice and she has strong emotions in it, but go audition for The Voice!

All the acts on AGT 2015 have performed for tonight and now it is time for the judges to deliberate! Who do you think will move on?

We know that Piff the Magic Dragon is going to the live shows. After the judges’ deliberations, the other six acts moving on to the live shows tonight are:

  • Chapkis Dance Family
  • Myq Kaplan
  • Freelusion Dance Company
  • 3 Shades of Blue
  • Silvia Silvia
  • Samantha Johnson

That means these acts are eliminated:

  • Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra
  • X-treme Tricking and Tmbling
  • Keith Kline
  • Michael John
  • Duo Ignite
  • Marc & Kiri
  • Elin & Noah
  • vibez
  • Paul Ponce
  • Nick & Eddie
  • Alondra Santos
  • Grand Master Qi Feilong
  • Samantha Hess

What do you think of the results on America’s Got Talent Season 10 tonight?

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