We have never seen a magician win America’s Got Talent, but that could change with three magic acts in the Top 12 on America’s Got Talent 2014 and Mat Franco has a solid chance of being the winner of AGT 2014! He is cute and his tricks are so amazing and keep everyone entertained. The AGT judges 2014 love him and that is a plus in his corner. Check out the Mat Franco performance on AGT Season 9 last night below in our America’s Got Talent 2014 spoilers!

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America's Got Talent - Season 9

He has some older brothers and they used his magic tricks to impress their girls when they were younger! He is one of my faves, so I am hoping for a good trick. He borrows Mel B’s cell phone again, but he has her put her cell phone on a box. He flips some cards to the camera and then shoots them and the one card we all saw is stuck to the ceiling! He does some amazing card tricks, including having Howard sign a card he picked. That card ended up in the box under Mel B’s phone!

Mel B said he is doing the impossible and that act was genius and he is really hot. Heidi Klum said out of all the magicians, he is one of her favorites and that was awesome. Howard Stern said millions of people watch the show and it is because of people like him performing and he is a professional and fantastic. Howie Mandel said he is incredible and he deserves to stay.

Now check out a video of the performance by Mat Franco on America’s Got Talent 2014:

Do you think Mat Franco will move on to the finale next week on America’s Got Talent 2014?

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