Get ready for another night of America’s Got Talent 2014 auditions, as the AGT judges 2014 (Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern) have more hopefuls take the stage on AGT 2014 tonight! The acts have been pretty good this season, so what will America’s Got Talent Season 9 bring us tonight? Check it out with us in our America’s Got Talent 2014 Recap and see videos of the America’s Got Talent auditions 2014 here!

America's Got Talent - Season 9

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9, the acts continued to take the stage and try to impress the judges on AGT 2014. We know that the judges have been given the Golden Buzzer this season, which allows them to save one act they think should be moving on to the next round, but did not get three votes from the judges. Howard Stern used his earlier in the season, but everyone else has theirs in place! Maybe the acts have been so good the Golden Buzzer has not been needed? Smoothini was one of those acts last week that was so good and definitely did not need the Golden Buzzer, as all four judges loved him (and I did too)! To be honest, he is probably my favorite act of the season so far!

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All of the hopeful acts will bring their talents to the auditions in hopes of moving on to the next round and getting one step closer to that $1 million prize! Watch it with us in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on AGT 2014 Live Recap or see the videos of the auditions on America’s Got Talent Season 9? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

Emily West, 32 years old – She is a singer/songwriter from Nashville that just moved to NYC. She has been struggling because of the subway system in NYC! She has the country twang to her voice and is very solid, but I would like to hear her sing a different song. Howard said her voice is magnificent and he loved it. Heidi said she knows how to sing and there is no doubt about it. Mel B said a great singer and control and she looks like Old Hollywood. Howie loves her and they send her to the next round!

Emily West, 32 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Then it was Girl Power on America’s Got Talent 2014, as we take some quick looks at some successful girl acts that all make it through to the next round!

Successful Auditions ~ America’s Got Talent 2014 by HumanSlinky

Baila Conmigo – The leader of the group never saw any Colombian salsa dancing, so she opened her own studio. She said they are competing against many different talents, so they have a surprise for us tonight. They are so quick on their feet and start out with three couples dancing, but then a bunch of kids come out and fill out the stage and they are all moving 100 miles a minute, but I wanted more in sync. Mel B said she has never seen salsa done like that. Howie said this is salsa on caffeine and he loved it. Heidi said it was full of energy and all in sync. Howard said we are looking for something different and this is something different. They are headed to the next round!

Baila Conmigo ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Rachel Butera, 42 years old – She does impressions and feels there are no female impressionists out there. She moved to Hollywood at 39 years old. Howard Stern has had her on his radio show, so he will not be voting on her. Her voices are dead-on and she is good! Howie said we were all amazed at how right-on the voices were. Mel B said that was spot-on and blew her head off. Heidi said it is amazing how much she crammed into 90 seconds and it was really funny. She gets three yes votes from the other judges and she is going to the next round!

Rachel Butera, 42 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Legaci, 30-33 years old – They have been together for eight years. They all work in the tech field, but would give it all up to be in the singing field. They are not your typical boy band, but hoping this works out for them. They give the most boring intro ever and everyone thinks this is going to be a joke, but they start singing and everyone is blown away. They have great voices and sounds good together. Howard said the most boring people opened their mouths and they were god like. Howie said this show proves time and time again you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Heidi said she really enjoyed it and it was great. Mel B said they knocked it out of the ballpark. They send them to the next round!

Legaci, 30-33 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Mat Franco, 25 years old – He first saw magic on TV when he was 4 years old. His family has been super supportive of him. He claims he is doing something we have never seen before on this show and he is telling a story he has written about the show with his card tricks. He is definitely a good-looking and he is so compelling and his story is amazing. This was beyond fun to watch and he is good. Mel B said she is normally not a fan of card tricks, but his presentation was great and she loved it. Howie said he agrees with everything that Mel B said. Heidi said she is totally stunned and floored and she loved it. Howard said he appreciates the preparation and he did a routine that we have never seen before. They send him to the next round on America’s Got Talent 2014!

Mat Franco ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014 Auditions by HumanSlinky

Paul Ieti, 21 years old – He is an Army soldier and a singer. He was deployed in Afghanistan and his video went viral of his cover of “Stay” by Rihanna. He will take on the same song tonight and he is beyond nervous to take the AGT stage. I don’t know why because he has an amazing voice and some great range. His nerves are showing, but he is so good and gives me chills. Mel B and Heidi go up and give him a hug, so Howard goes and hugs him too. Howie said a sound came out of him that no one expected and he is amazing. Heidi said he is a superstar. Howard said he did a great job up there and they send him to the next round!

Paul Ieti, 21 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Christian Stoinev, 22 years old – He is a hand-balancer and is a fifth generation circus performer. He did go to college and graduated, but circus is where his heart is and wants that headline show in Vegas. He sticks a finger into a champagne bottle and is able to balance himself! He is beyond strong and the ladies are liking what they are seeing! Howard said it is in his blood and it is like he is representing the five generations before him. Heidi said he has shown them things they have not seen before. Mel B thanks him for taking off the jacket during the performance. Howie said he is unique and original. They send him to the next round!

Christian Stoinev, 22 ~ America’s Got Talent… by HumanSlinky

We had Girl Power earlier in the show and now it is time for the boys to take center stage and it is all about the hotties and keeping Mel B and Heidi happy! Cute guys and all moving on to the next round!

Maggie Lane, 31 years old – We get to see a lot of opera singers, including Grace Ann Gregorio. Maggie is also an opera singer, but she is a personal trainer as her main profession. She starts singing and has a good voice, but then removes her dress and sings the rest in a bikini. The men are loving it, but is this a joke? Howie said she has perfect pitch. Mel B said she has an incredible body and her singing is really good too. Heidi said she has a beautiful voice and body. Howard said she is a very good singer, but he did miss the connection to the song by taking her clothes off. They send her to the next round!

Maggie Lane ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014 Auditions by HumanSlinky

The Doctor Benji, 64 years old – He is a surgeon by day and plays the keyboards at night. Nick Cannon thinks this will be him in 30 years. He is very confident about himself and thinks he is a $10 million act. His confidence doesn’t match his voice and he is terrible, as the judges buzz him out of the competition!

The Doctor Benji, 64 ~ America’s Got Talent… by HumanSlinky

Magical Voice Doctor, 41 years old – Maybe The Doctor Benji needs her? She has brought her life to bringing the beautiful sound of music to it and will teach Howard Stern how to sing tonight and magically transform it to something beautiful. Howard gets up there and sings and is terrible and she is no help. He said he has no talent and she has no talent and she is headed home on AGT 2014!

Magical Voice Doctor, 41 ~ America’s Got Talent… by HumanSlinky

Josh Orlian, 12 years old – A little segment all about the kids and then takes the stage on America’s Got Talent 2014! He is a stand-up comedian and said he is always writing jokes. Up until this point, he has only performed in front of friends and families and this is a big deal to him! He is so raunchy and shocked the crowd and got some major laughs. Mel B said what are we going to do with you? Heidi said she has to admit that she was laughing. Howard said he did what a comedian is supposed to do and made them laugh, entertain and never lost the crowd. They send him to the next round, but he is going to need some major practice!

Josh Orlian, 12 ~ America’s Got Talent, 2014… by HumanSlinky

Laura Dasi, 43 years old – She is an aerialist and has been doing it for three years. Six years ago, she developed alopecia and lost her hair. She felt ugly and lost confidence. She decided to follow her dreams and become an aerialist and this has helped her feel beautiful and bring back some of her confidence. I find this to be so amazing and she is so talented. The fact that she has been doing this for only three years is even more amazing. Mel B said that was so amazing and so mesmerizing. Howard said she has outdone herself today and she should be proud. Heidi said she is a beautiful woman and so is her act and really enjoyed it. Howie said that everyone has something to overcome and she did that today. The judges loved it and they send her to the next round!

The America’s Got Talent 2014 auditions are done for tonight. Who was your favorite?

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