Another night of performances on AGT 2014 tonight, as the Top 12 on America’s Got Talent 2014 take the stage and hope they perform well enough for you to vote for them. This is a big one, as the AGT Season 9 finale takes place next week and the winner of America’s Got Talent 2014 will be announced. That means tonight’s performances are very crucial if they want a chance in performing in the finale of AGT 2014! Watch with us tonight during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap and see the Top 12 on AGT 2014 perform!

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America's Got Talent - Season 9

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9, we had the second week of the semifinals on AGT Season 9 and the second set of 12 acts took the stage to perform. The acts seem to be less-than-stellar this season, but I was more impressed with the acts last week, including Jaycob Curlee (who seemed to improve with this performance). This all led to the live results show and the elimination of six acts! When all was said and done, we saw AcroArmy, Blue Journey, Mat Franco, Christian Stoinev, Emill & Dariel and Quintavious Johnson moving on to the Top 12 on America’s Got Talent 2014.

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The fun begins shortly, so watch with me in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…the Top 12 performing tonight and everyone is in place, so let’s get to these performances!

Mara Justine

We see her going to middle school and she is so popular now. She annoys me more and more each week and this video package is proof of that. They seemed to have this echo thing going on with the mic and it annoyed me more than Mara! The girl can sing, but this just made it sound terrible. Bad choice and why did they do that? Just let her sing and stop the echoes!

JUDGES: Mel B said that was perfect in every single way and that was a proper performance. Howard Stern said she is the little girl with the big voice and great job tonight. Howie Mandel said that was so perfect and she was great, but everyone is great tonight. Heidi Klum said to never think that she is not perfect and congratulations.

David & Leeman

They are funny guys to go with their magic tricks. We see a funny video beforehand, which shows that! They start saying they are both addicts and love scratch off tickets. They have a ticket up there and four spots for the judges. They have to pick a balloon and number between 1 and 99. The guys are hilarious and I just love them. All the balloons had nothing in them, but the final balloon has a scratcher and Howard scratches and the numbers are right except Howard, who is off by one! They show on the back of their shirts that says Howard will be off by one! It had a lot of info to it, but the guys are so funny and I love them!

JUDGES: Howie said he is speechless….amazing and this night is amazing. Howard said they have consistently been great and the body of work is impressive. Heidi said they are great magicians and great entertainers and love their banners. Mel B said she is always left with the question on how they do it. She finds them thoroughly entertaining and America has to vote for them.

Sons of Serendip

I have been torn on these guys this season, as I think they have amazing voices, but their last performance was just boring to me. They said they came into this wondering if they should be together and this experience has been confirmation for them. This is the same thing for me, as he can sing and he sings so effortlessly. It is so smooth and easy to listen to, but then it is boring at the same time. He kicks it in towards the end and has me intrigued.

JUDGES: Howard said they are another act that has really grown and they know how to read an audience and they hit it perfectly tonight. Heidi said their performance was more majestic than their other performances. Mel B said they stepped up to the plate tonight and they delivered a stellar performance. Howie said they are probably the most musically talented people in this competition and it sounded beautiful.

Christian Stoinev

Last time on America’s Got Talent 2014, Howard told Christian to lose Scooby and he has done that tonight! Christian was depressed the next day and was convinced he was going home, so this is his second chance. He does start out with the dog, but then he takes center stage and his strength is so amazing. He has some great tricks and some great muscles!

JUDGES: Heidi said he is such an amazing balancer, but he needs to balance it with the dog and him. Mel B said this was one of his best performances to date and he kept her entertained. Howie said he was amazing and he did step it up. Howard said he is so pleased with him and he is a smart entertainer. The audience could focus on him and he came off like a $1 million act.

Emil & Dariel

They are surprised that they made it this far and that people are voting for them. They have the good sob story that people like, but do they have the talent with that story? I enjoy them, but that noise can get to be too much for my ears! They were told to add singers to the mix and they did that tonight. It was a sweet performance and a slow performance, which is different than normal, but I think it missed their normal spunk that we love.

JUDGES: Mel B said that was amazing and massive and they really owned it. Howie said that he loves Steven Tyler and tonight he did not miss Steven Tyler and tonight they were phenomenal. Howard said they are phenomenal, but he does not think it would hurt them to have a frontman. Heidi said she missed them rocking out and they were a little bit safe tonight.


They said the routine they are doing tonight is more dangerous than they did last week. They only had about 48 hours to put this one together for America’s Got Talent 2014 and I hope they do well, as I think they are awesome! What these people do is absolutely amazing and it is dangerous and so well done. I would pay to see this show and they better go through!

JUDGES: Howie said they thrilled, entertained and scared the heck out of him and America has to vote for them. Howard said this is one of the best acts and this was so terrific tonight and it is nothing short of spectacular. Heidi said they continue to prove why they are still here and they are amazing. Mel B said they are everything right now and it is full-on.

Quintavious Johnson

Heidi said he is going to be one of those artists that you know by one name and Mel B said his voice is deadly. He said he tried out to pursue his singing career, but now he is in it to win it. We have to remember that this kid is 12 years old! How does this music come out of his voice? He is so amazing and this was a perfect performance for him and he has such great range and his tone is amazing. This was a winning performance from him tonight.

JUDGES: Howard said he has something so special and so terrific and he lights this room up and he is a contender. Heidi said she thinks he is a superstar and he rocked it. Mel B said she thinks he could easily win this, hands down. Howie said Mel B is correct and he thinks he is moving on up to the finals.

Mike Super

He is the only Wild Card left in the competition. He made a prediction earlier in the week and brought to Howard Stern’s radio show and now we will see it happen. For the show, he said the prediction is based on the audience’s spending. He has Howard now open the prediction and Nick is shuffling a deck of cards. I compare the magicians and David & Leeman are so entertaining and Mike is just awkward on that stage and it doesn’t flow easy for him. He sends Nick into an air box with some money he got from random audience members and Nick randomly grabs one. They put cards on the table and the cards are in the number order of the number on the bill! They check the prediction and it is the same serial number!

JUDGES: Heidi said this was super and she loved it. Mel B said that is just crazy and he is so entertaining. Howie said he is amazing and not sure how he does it. Howard said this has been a great contest for him and he came out and killed it tonight.

Blue Journey

This is another act that I can’t get on board with. The judges love them and they came close to being eliminated last week, but America used the Snapple Save on them last week on AGT 2014. We’ll see if it was worth it tonight. I think it is a cool concept, but they never seem to have the timing perfect and I want that perfection. The screen is off a little bit or they miss the spotlights and that annoys me.

JUDGES: Mel B said their act is very unique, but tonight was a little on the boring side for her. Howie said we’ve come to expect so much more and I think we need more and not sure if they hit it tonight. Howard said excellent performance and they dazzle us week after week and they are terrific dancers. Heidi said they never seize to amaze her and they are so unique and they deserve to be here.

Emily West

I’m sick of her sob story and not believing in herself. It seems fake and that is one reason I can’t be a big fan of her. With that being said, she has an amazing voice and is a very strong singer. She has that old school flare and it was a solid performance, but I am not a fan.

JUDGES: Heidi said she is awe of her and perfect performance tonight. Mel B said yet again, nailed it! She is almost dreamlike and her voice is killer. Howie said it was haunting and she is already a star. Howard said she had no gimmicks and it was pure voice and he would be so proud if she won the $1 million.

Mat Franco

He has some older brothers and they used his magic tricks to impress their girls when they were younger! He is one of my faves, so I am hoping for a good trick. He borrows Mel B’s cell phone again, but he has her put her cell phone on a box. He flips some cards to the camera and then shoots them and the one card we all saw is stuck to the ceiling! He does some amazing card tricks, including having Howard sign a card he picked. That card ended up in the box under Mel B’s phone!

JUDGES: Mel B said he is doing the impossible and that act was genius and he is really hot. Heidi said out of all the magicians, he is one of her favorites and that was awesome. Howard said millions of people watch the show and it is because of people like him performing and he is a professional and fantastic. Howie said he is incredible and he deserves to stay.

Miguel Dakota

He said his heart is in music and he feels this hunger to be a musician. He is a cutie and he gets America voting for him. Howie thinks he could be the next big pop star, but Howard thinks he doesn’t connect with the songs. I agree with Howard on this one, as he has a good voice and is a good singer, but no connection to this song.

JUDGES: Heidi said she feels like his voice got lost in this big song tonight and it was just loud. Mel B said he is a fully-fledged rock star and he is ready to go. Howard said he is rooting for him and he found himself missing Mick Jagger on this one. Howie said he is possibly the biggest star we could have from this show and he is exactly what America is looking for and he could win this thing!

The performances is done for tonight on America’s Got Talent 2014! Who are you voting for?

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