While we may be delayed tonight due to President Obama’s speech, we will still have the America’s Got Talent 2014 results show going on and a full night is ahead of us. This is the big one, as six acts will move on to the AGT 2014 finale next week and six acts will be heading home only one week away from the big one on AGT Season 9! So, who is going home tonight? Find out who got voted off America’s Got Talent 2014 tonight with us during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap!

America's Got Talent - Season 9

Last night on America’s Got Talent Season 9, we saw the Top 12 on AGT 2014 perform for your votes. While the AGT judges 2014 could not stop raving about how amazing these 12 acts are, I was not as impressed by some of them like they claimed. One of the acts that did shine for me was Mat Franco and his ability to wins over the judges, fans and those cameras with his smile! Was it enough to keep him safe tonight?

I guess we will find out soon enough, as the results show on AGT 2014 will begin shortly, but while you wait for our Live Recap you can head over and check out our predictions from earlier today and see who we think will move on!


Don’t want to know what happened on our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap or see who went home on America’s Got Talent Season 9 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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We are delayed for the President’s speech, so should start at 9:15pm EST tonight.

Here we go….we start with The Muppets video and sing-along and they will be part of the show tonight. We meet the judges and now look back the performances from last night. Who was your favorite?

We have another Live Snapple Save Vote tonight and the fifth, sixth and seventh acts are announced:

  • Emil & Dariel
  • Miguel Dakota
  • Sons of Serendip

Search on Google for “Snapple Save” and vote for your favorite. Looks like it will be close between Sons of Serendip and Emil & Dariel!

Nick Cannon is backstage with the Snapple Save acts and then speaks with Jackie Evancho and she knows about the nerves. She gives some wise words and then it is time to check out the after party from last night. Now to the results!

GROUP 1: Emily West and Mara Justine

RESULTS: Emily West to the finals and Mara is eliminated!

GROUP 2: AcroArmy and Blue Journey

RESULTS: AcroArmy to the finals and Blue Journey is eliminated!

Now we look at Jackie Evancho’s journey while on the show and since she was on. She has grown up and is a cute young girl! She still has that amazing voice and we get a performance from her tonight on AGT 2014.

To keep up with The Muppets theme, we have a special performance from Miss Piggy with her backups of Mel B and Heidi Klum. It is cute, but can we get to the results? Now back to the results!

GROUP 3: Quintavious Johnson and Christian Stoinev

RESULTS: Quintavious to the finals and Christian (and Scooby) are eliminated!

GROUP 4: Mat Franco, Mike Super and David & Leeman

RESULTS: Mat Franco to the finals and Mike Super and David & Leeman are eliminated!

We go back to the Snapple Save and we have Emil & Dariel, Miguel Dakota and Sons of Serendip back on the stage. The votes have been counted by America and the winner is Sons of Serendip and they move on to the finals! That leaves us with Emil & Dariel and Miguel Dakota. It will be up to the AGT judges to make a decision. Who do you think they will save??? I think Emil & Dariel….there are enough singers in the finals already!

JUDGES’ VOTE: Heidi votes to save Miguel. Mel B votes to save Miguel. Howie surprises me and saves Emil & Dariel. Howard votes to save Emil & Dariel and it is a tie. It goes back to America’s votes and Miguel Dakota moves on to the finals and Emil & Dariel are eliminated!

What do you think of the results on AGT 2014 tonight?

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