The time has come for Week 2 of the semifinals on America’s Got Talent 2014 to begin, as the second group of 12 acts on AGT 2014 take the stage to perform for your votes. Six acts will move on to the Top 12 on America’s Got Talent Season 9 and six acts will head home, with the AGT judges 2014 (Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern) still having a say in he final act that makes it through! Watch it with us during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap and see the live shows on AGT 2014 continue!

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America's Got Talent 2014 Spoilers - Semifinals Week 2

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9, we had the first week of the semifinals on AGT Season 9 and the first set of 12 acts took the stage to perform. The acts seem to be less-than-stellar this season, but I was more impressed with the acts last week, including Paul Ieti (who has gone downhill for me since his initial audition). This all led to the live results show and the elimination of six acts! When all was said and done, we saw Mike Super, Sons of Serendip, Emily West, Miguel Dakota, Mara Justine and David & Leeman moving on to the Top 12 on America’s Got Talent 2014.

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The fun begins shortly, so watch with me in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we have Nick Cannon on stage with his hat tilted to the side and the AGT judges are in place and time to get to the performances tonight!

Jonah Smith

He said NYC is where he cut his teeth as an artist. His career was going well and he was able to quit all his day jobs, but they did not continue to go up as he wished and the dream was slipping through his fingers and now AGT 2014 is his moment to make it to the top. He was definitely having fun with this performance and it was cool to see, but his vocals weren’t as strong as in other performances. He seemed pitchy in spots and I did not like that.

JUDGES: Mel B said that is how you open up a show (which I think she says every week). She said he sounded amazing and he is so freaking entertaining and loves them. Howie said he can’t imagine people at home not loving this and wanting to vote for them. Heidi said his voice is rich and soulful; great performance. Howard said he is his favorite male singer in this competition and every performance has been better than the next. Not his best performance, but still good.

Baila Conmigo

They have danced separately for years: the kids groups and adults group. For America’s Got Talent 2014, they combined them and it seems to be working for them. I have never been a big fan of this group. There is too much going on on that stage. Yes, it is quick and fast, but it is too much to watch and I always see some kind of stumble going on.

JUDGES: Howie said they are amazing and it is hard not to smile, but he said the kids are spectacular and wonder if the adults bring them down. Howard said the act is fabulous and Howie is right. Heidi said she loved it, loved it, loved it. It is such a great act and it makes her feel good watching it. Mel B said she felt they did something different and they gave it their all and she loved it.

Jaycob Curlee

The judges didn’t think he was connected during his last performance, so he is going to bring it tonight! He has received a lot of letters from kids that are going through the same thing he did as a child and he responds to each letter, which is so cool! This was a very good performance, It was simple and sweet, but I think his voice sounded good with it.

JUDGES: Howard said he thinks we saw his personal best tonight and great song choice. Heidi said he is blessed with a great voice, but she does not feel the stage presence is there yet and he needs to break out of his shell. Mel B said he did take a bit of a risk with that performance and America might like him more than that performance. Howie said it is no longer about his story, but where he is now and America will decide.

Mat Franco

After performing at Radio City Music Hall, the next day he was back on the road and hitting the different colleges! He said this is a brand new trick and never done by him or anyone! He starts with three judges picking a card, which Howard, Heidi and Howie pick one. Mel B holds all three cards and he takes a picture with her phone. He drops it in the glass of water and now he will fix it. He sticks it in a towel and blow dries it and it disappears! Heidi calls it and they can hear it ringing, so they head out to find it! They go to some random seat and he cuts it open and the phone is there and working and the photos are on there! The seat number is the number of the cards!

JUDGES: Howard said it is exciting seeing a magician like himself do well in this competition and he is a pro and he can work that camera. Heidi said she doesn’t know how he does it and it is mind-boggling! Howie said that was amazing and he took close-up magic and made it huge. Mel B said she was this close to socking him one! There is something about him and his delivery and personality is spot-on and it makes the act so much better.


One of their guys was missing for their last performance because of work, but he is back now! Will it help with their performance on AGT 2014 tonight? They said they are going higher tonight then they have ever before. This is an amazing routine and I love them. It has danger and such great tricks and they better go through tomorrow!

JUDGES: Mel B said they had her on the edge of her seat and they are breathtaking! Howie said amazing and we should send them to the front line to dazzle the enemy. Howard said they almost got eliminated and it is crazy. It is dazzling, but the votes don’t come through. It was mind-blowing and fabulous. Heidi felt like she was in Vegas and this is already a $1 million act!

Kelli Glover

She said she was nervous during her last performance and wants this so much that it psychs her out. She said she is starting to get her self-worth back and intends to not be nervous tonight. She seemed to have more confidence tonight (especially when wearing those leather leggings), but I did not like this song choice from her and it did not show off her vocal ability.

JUDGES: Howie said she always starts out shaky and she has to be sure of herself. Howard said each time he sees her he thinks cruise ship or pageant and she is good, but something is missing. Heidi said it is courageous to sing a Beyonce and she came out on top tonight. Mel B said she can sing, but tonight she lost it and she didn’t give it and it felt flat.

Wendy Liebman

This is Howard’s wild card pick and he was stunned when she was eliminated, so he is bringing her back! I enjoy her style and jokes, so I am hoping America likes it tonight (and me too). I do like her and her jokes are funny and they work with her style. Not sure if America will change their minds, but I do enjoy her.

JUDGES: Howard said he is glad he brought her back and it is a tough show for comics and he hopes America appreciates that she brought her A-game and she deserves to be here. Heidi said she likes this comedy and it is relatable and she is really, really funny. Mel B said she loves a strong, funny, independent woman and she shined on that stage tonight. Howie said people have to understand the creativity and it is harder than anyone else tonight and she won the crowd.

Blue Journey

They are blown away with the response they have been getting from America. I did not like their last performance and thought they were off, but I guess I was wrong! They may have fans out there, but I just don’t like it. They seem to be off with the background they are dancing with and the dancing was minimal to start.

JUDGES: Heidi said it was real and beautiful and one of her favorite acts of the night. Mel B said the amount of creativity that went into that is mind-blowing and they have to stay in this competition. Howard said visually stunning, but risky doing such a slow song. Howie said it is creating your own product and it is great, fantastic and amazing and people have to vote.

Emil & Dariel

They grew up playing cello in their bedroom and now they are at the semifinals on America’s Got Talent 2014. I like them in their package video, but have not liked a performance of theirs yet. It is interesting to see how they can take classic rock songs and play them on the cello, but it hurts my ears at times and I found myself bored a little during some of this.

JUDGES: Mel B said they come out here and smash it and it is cool and unique. Howie said it was perfect, but it felt like Paul McCartney didn’t show up to his own concert. Howard said they have a vast knowledge of music and he finds himself wanting to hear some lyrics and maybe bring in a singer if they make it through. Heidi said she is proud of them and their grandfather is proud of them.


After his last performance, the judges told him to go big. He said he is taking it back to the basics and just being Smoothini and entertaining the crowd. He takes the shoelaces from Nick and a ring from Howie. He puts the ring on the lace and break the lace and put it back together. The ladies hold the lace and a pen and the ring appears on the pen! Mel B holds the lace in her hand and the ring in his hand and then it appears on his own shoelace!

JUDGES: Heidi said she loves when he does the close-up magic and has no idea how he does. Mel B said she is trying out how he does it and that is a good thing. Howie said he is a big fan and he is one of the reasons why tonight is magical. Howard said he likes him very much, but he still maintains this act feels small to him.

Christian Stoinev

While Christian is a great acrobat, Scooby is stealing the show during his acts and they make a cute video of him getting love all around NYC! I think it is amazing what he can do and he has some great strength, but it seems like the same thing with that dog. Rolling and him walking along him or standing on his feet as he walks on his hands. I saw nothing new here tonight and was disappointed, but he did bring out a second dog.

JUDGES: Mel B said she loves them, but she feels like he needed to do more tonight and it felt flat. Heidi said she can watch him before over and over again and it is great. Howard said this is a case of a frontrunner that got too comfortable and this was not his best night. Howie said the dogs were good and Christian was good too.

Quintavious Johnson

He said he has been getting a lot of attention from the girls since he has been on the show, but singing is his priority. He has amazing range and his vocals are so strong, but I do think this was not the best song choice for him. He can hit some amazing notes and is so smooth, but this song was a little boring.

JUDGES: Heidi said his name is as unique as his talent and he is a powerhouse. Mel B said he’s just got it. Howie said he is golden and he should win this. Howard said he taught everyone something tonight and how to sell an act and he has it.

The performances are done for tonight on AGT 2014. Who are you voting for?

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