Things are really heating up on America’s Got Talent 2014 tonight, as the Semifinals on AGT 2014 start tonight and 12 acts take the stage and hope you will turn around and vote for them. The Top 24 on America’s Got Talent 2014 has been formed thanks to your votes and the Wild Card picks from the AGT judges 2014 (Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Mel B and Howie Mandel). Watch it with us during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap and see the live shows on AGT 2014 continue!

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America's Got Talent 2014 Spoilers - Semifinals Week 1 Performances

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9, we had the fourth week of live shows on AGT Season 9 and the final set of 12 acts took the stage to perform. The acts seem to be less-than-stellar this season, but I was more impressed with the acts last week, including Kelli Glover (even though I was not a huge fan of this performance). This all led to the live results show and the elimination of seven acts! When all was said and done, we saw Emil & Dariel, Jonah Smith, Quintavious Johnson, Smoothini and Kelli Glover moving on to the semifinals on America’s Got Talent 2014.

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The fun begins shortly, so watch with me in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…everything and everyone is in place, so let’s get to the performances tonight!

Flight Crew Jump Rope

They did not make it through during the Quarterfinals, but this is Heidi Klum’s wild card pick. They are going to take advantage of this second chance and said this is so much harder than their last routine. I liked them during every other performance and this was no different. They bring out some fun tricks and are working the crowd, so it seems they accomplished their goal, huh?

JUDGES: Heidi said she feels America is going to vote them through this time. Mel B said so much energy and loves when they are in unison. Howie said he thinks what they do is fantastic, but it looks like what they did last time and they had mistakes and they have to be perfect. Howard said it is very similar every time and they come off as the background act and we are waiting for the headliner.

Mara Justine

She was close to going home, but the judges picked her over Acte II. She had a terrible song choice and needs to do better tonight! She sings “Breakaway” and it is time for her to break away from a possible singing career and focus on something else. She is good, but she sings old school songs and they are trying to make her younger, like the Katy Perry song last time. Not impressed and this won’t get America to vote for her.

JUDGES: Howie said she is only 12 years old and she sings with the power and passion of someone twice her age. Howard said he is glad they put her through and she redeemed herself this week. Mel B said she did something smart with that arrangement and she is an amazing proper artist. Heidi said this was a breakout performance and spread your wings and fly right into the finals.

Bad Boys of Ballet

This is the wild card pick for Mel B. They said Mel B came in and saved them like an angel of dance. They said they have to be stronger and better and bring it. They try to work it for the camera and audience and take off their shirts, but this was not that entertaining. They didn’t have that big of moves and I was over it. She gives some sass to Howard afterwards and that should turn some people off to them even more on AGT 2014.

JUDGES: Mel B said that performance was seamless and they are very talented. Howard said she is the act and is sexy and she can’t leave the stage for 40 seconds.Heidi said it is completely new and modern and they are great dancers. Howie said if they don’t get voted on to stay then someone is going to pick them up as backup dancers, but not sure if they are a $1 million act.

Paul Ieti

He said he could not ask for anything better than this and can’t stop smiling! I like Paul as a person, but this was not that great of a performance. It was a poor song choice and the arrangement did not fit his voice at all. You want to root for him, but I don’t think that will get him through.

JUDGES: Heidi said, for her, this was not his best vocal performance. Mel B said it was a little bit off and it felt like he was doubting himself and it took over tonight. Howie said in his category alone, Mara did a lot better than him. Howard said he is a hero and we have to separate that, but his low notes were a disaster and he is so on with the high notes and it was a tough night for him.

Mike Super

This is Howie Mandel’s wild card pick and I don’t get it. This is a stupid act and just baffles me! When he got voted off, Howard told him to lose Desmond, he imaginary friend, so he is doing just magic tonight. He starts out behind plexiglass. He gives the judges five cards and then raises a curtain and places it over himself, so he is in the blind. They give all the cards to Howard and he draws a triangle. Then Mike disappears under the curtain and shows up in the audience and has triangles on his hands! Then the audience has triangles on all their hands! I don’t get it!

JUDGES: Howie said everything about this makes him happy and this shows him he is worthy of having his own show in Vegas. Mel B said she is glad he is back and his act is dazzling. Howard said he hopes Desmond stays where he is and he did a great magic trick tonight. Heidi said this trick was different and unique and she liked that.

Andrey Moraru

This is an act I was happy to see go through, as I think he has some amazing strength and talent! When he does hand balancing, he feels like he is no longer alone. Is it the most exciting act on the show? No, but he has so much strength and that is amazing to me. He does some crazy tricks and worked it out, but he stumbled at the end.

JUDGES: Howie said you can see anything on this show, but he just showed us everything and he excels in them all. Howard said there are no words and we all get what you are saying and this is compelling and he gets better every time. Heidi said she loves what he does and he is like a human pretzel. Mel B said there were a few hiccups, but it did not matter and he still captivated everybody.

Miguel Dakota

His dream is to play music, but he never thought he would be here! He is quite yummy, which will win him some votes tonight! He definitely is a good looking guy and has a very good voice. This performance was a little on the boring side and did not connect with the lyrics, but the voice is there.

JUDGES: Howard said he has the hair and the looks and all the women go wild for him, but if this was a paying crowd then they would be snoozing during this performance and he does not feel the connection with the song. Heidi feels America’s new heartthrob has arrived. Howie thinks Howard is wrong and thinks he has a great chance of winning the $1 million. Mel B said he has that extra special something and he has that star quality.

Sons of Serendip

This was another act that surprised me when they were voted through. They were formed about five months ago and now performing on the America’s Got Talent 2014 stage! Yes, they have some beautiful voice, but this does not excite me and the lead singer seemed to be bored performing it. No connection to the song, but singing very well.

JUDGES: Heidi said they sang beautifully and they have nothing to worry about. Mel B said it sounded beautiful and what a solid performance. Howie said they are probably the most talented musical group, but people may vote more for Miguel. Howard said that is a singer, but the worst name for a band!

David & Leeman

They had some bumps along the way with their trick last time, so I want to see more from them tonight. All the other judges stood up for them last time except Heidi, so this trick is geared towards her tonight. They ring the buzzers of the judges except Heidi. They have five bags and one has the fourth X, but it has a nail through it. The judges each pick a bag and they smash it. The guys are very funny and entertaining and no nails through their hands!

JUDGES: Mel B said there is a lot of information going on, but they keep everyone entertained and she liked it from start to finish. Howie said he liked it. Howard said he has seen this trick before, but they don’t do it as well as them. Heidi said she loves their showmanship and she liked it a lot.

Dan Naturman

He was shocked to make it to the semifinals. A comedian has never won, but can Dan change that? He has some funny jokes, but they aren’t enough to make me laugh out loud and I am not that impressed.

JUDGES: Heidi said is not impressed and gives some digs. Mel B said she thinks he is funny and started to laugh as it was coming to an end. Howie said he is very funny and it is smart writing and he is a great character. Howard said you have to buy into who he is. He is a great comic and he put us at ease and we love his character and always looks forward to him coming on.

Aerial Animation

Loved, loved, loved her last performance and think it is so cool what she does and I am so excited to see what she does tonight. To be honest, this was lacking to me. It seemed to drawn out and a lot of empty space and not as quick and I was bored. I think her story was not good tonight.

JUDGES: Mel B said the idea was there, but it was disjointed and slow and she was disappointed tonight. Heidi said she has gotten better every time, but tonight she took a step back. Howard said we are watching a performance that is smart and he thinks fantastic. Howie said he responded to more action on the screen and there was less action tonight, but it is amazing what she can do with a hammock and crayons!

Emily West

She bothers me. I don’t know what it is, but I am not a fan of her. She always talks about her previous record deal and tries to tell some lame story of having no money. With that being said, I think she is a great singer and has a very strong voice. She nails this song, but I just don’t like her as a person. She gets a standing ovation from the AGT judges 2014!

JUDGES: Heidi said she has that Old Hollywood glamour style and a beautiful voice and she has a lady crush on her. Mel B said bigger and better and she keeps on giving. Howie said two words come to mind with that performance: seasoned and iconic. Howard said now we have a true $1 million act and the best musical performance of the night.

The performances are done for tonight on America’s Got Talent 2014. Who are you voting for?

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