The time is moving fast and the last of the Quarterfinals on America’s Got Talent 2014 take the stage tonight on AGT 2014 to perform for your votes and want to survive the elimination and perform in the semifinals on America’s Got Talent Season 9. This should be a fun night, as we have a lot of acts performing that we only saw their initial audition and I am ready to see more from them, especially Smoothini! Watch it with us during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap and see the live shows on AGT 2014 continue!

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America's Got Talent - Season 9

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9, we had the third week of live shows on AGT Season 9 and the third set of 12 acts took the stage to perform. The acts seem to be less-than-stellar this season, but I was more impressed with the acts last week, including Paul Ieti (even though I was not a huge fan of this performance). This all led to the live results show and the elimination of seven acts! When all was said and done, we saw Sons of Serendip, Blue Journey, Paul Ieti, Christian Stoinev and Acro Army moving on to the semifinals on America’s Got Talent 2014.

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The fun begins shortly, so watch with me in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…the final night of Quarterfinals is upon us and the final 12 acts will perform for those five remaining spots in the semifinals. The AGT judges 2014 are in place and let’s do this!

Bad Boys of Ballet

Their coach and choreographer has been in Japan the past three weeks, so they have not had much time to rehearse. They want to show us ballet for the 21st century. I think they have some very good moves and they are in sync. It is kind of cool, but I am not wowed!

JUDGES: Mel B said she just loves them and the grace and elegance is through the roof and people have to vote for them tonight. Howie Mandel said they are good, but he does not see bad and edgy. Heidi Klum said she loved it too and it was great. Howard Stern said there is no doubt there are wonderful dancers, but Howie is right. In order for America to vote for them, they have to do something different and it just wasn’t enough.

One Voice Children’s Choir

They range from the age of seven years old to 17 years old. Their coach said this place is like a sanctuary and no matter what is going on at home or at school, this is a safe place for them. Howie said no to them during the auditions, but Howard begged Mel B to say yes….will it pay off? They sing a huge song (“Let It Go”) and I just didn’t get strong vocals from the lead and I was bored. The song was too big for them, even with 100 members!

JUDGES: Howard said he is a big fan of them, but he does not think they did enough. Howie said they made the song sound spectacular and if people like the song then they’ll vote. Heidi said she really liked it and they filled this room. Mel B said she was worried about them this week, but they stepped it up a notch and they filled the entire room and she loved it.

Jonah Smith

He is an insurance salesman by day and rocker by night! He has been playing music professionally since he was 18 years old and it has been a long road, but he got married and needed the insurance sales gig. He said this is the most important opportunity he has had to advance his music career. He sings “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith and I am torn. He sounded good in parts and I liked his version of this. He shows a lot of emotions when he sings.

JUDGES: Howard said he always remembers what he does and he is the real deal and he evokes the emotion. Heidi said she wants him to stay with me, here on AGT. Mel B said she loved his rendition of the song, but thinks he is feeling the pressure. Howie said they are in the #1 position so far for the night and he thinks they are in good hands with AGT 2014!

Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat

They are triplets and the main card thrower (Dom) is the act and his parents said he throws like 500-1,000 cards every day. They say Howard is the mean judge and scares them. As cute as they are, this is not an act that should have made it this far. He throws cards good, but not a $1 million act!

JUDGES: Heidi said this is encouraging very bad behavior, but it is fun to watch. Mel B said they are absolutely adorable, but there was a lot going on and maybe do less next time to keep your timing on. Howie said they have great talent and they need to add the missing into the act and use the triplets. Howard said what they do is difficult, but it could have been staged better and was difficult to follow.


The founder said this is the first place most of the dancers found a real home. She said they are a group of misfits that work really well together. This was awesome and I am loving them! They had some great moves and some awesome energy on America’s Got Talent 2014. I was loving it, but the AGT judges 2014 were not as impressed.

JUDGES: Heidi said she loved it and this was a dynamite performance for her. Mel B said the outfits really dated and the choreography really dated and they weren’t pushing themselves. Howie said he sensed the passion and people better vote if they want to see you. Howard said the dance category is going to be tough and he thinks five minutes from now people won’t remember this and it won’t be memorable enough.

Emil & Dariel

Their grandfather introduced them to the cello, who was a famous cello player in Russia. He moved to the United States to give his family a better life. They received their first cello when they were very little and their grandfather said he has been waiting for this day his whole life. I really liked them during their audition, but this was rough for me. It sounded bad and the noise hurt my ears at times. They are entertaining, but this was not enjoyable to me.

JUDGES: Howie said they always surprise us and they have taught us there is always room for cello. Howard said he is a huge fan and this is memorable and people will be talking about them. Heidi said Howard should hook them up with Mick Jagger. Mel B said that was off-the-chain and they are exciting, edgy, current and fun.

Nina Burri

She discovered contortion at the age of 14, but didn’t find a way to do it and decided to do ballet instead. At the age of 30, she had to try and here she is now on America’s Got Talent 2014! I do find it amazing how she can put her body into such crazy positions, but this act was boring to me and I don’t see a stadium filling for her.

JUDGES: Howard said her story is inspirational and she is a beauty up there and she is stunning. Heidi said she felt her hamstring pop just watching her, but not sure if it is big enough for a room like this. Mel B said that was just mesmerizing and there is something about her. Howie said not only was there a talent and not only was there grace, but she is sexy!

Quintavious Johnson

He is 12 years old and said he started singing when he was 11 months old. His Mom was pushing the grocery cart and humming a tune and he hummed it back. Well, that story annoyed me. This one started rough for me and thought he should not even try taking on a Whitney Houston song. Then he kicked it in and showed off some amazing vocals!

JUDGES: Heidi said powerful song, presence and perfect. Mel B said he just showed them his gift and it was the loudest cheering of the night. Howie said he has a lot of thinking to do, like what is he going to do with a $1 million? Howard said he is worried about puberty and don’t mature!

Mothmen Dance

They have been performing other people’s rigging and backstage, but now they want to take center stage. I think it is a cool concept and dancing in the air and having the story behind them. However, I don’t think they were in sync for some of it and it threw me off.

JUDGES: Mel B said she loves them, but it seemed repetitive to her tonight. Howie said if it was repetitive, he needed to see more. The innovation of dance is beyond this year on America’s Got Talent 2014. Howard said they were interesting and fun and they have to do something different and that was different. Heidi said it is very clever what they do, but they rely a lot on the video behind them.


I loved this guy during the auditions and thought he was sent home during Judgement Week, as he was not shown. Here he is in the Top 48 and I can’t wait to see him tonight! He starts with some $1 bills and Mel B and Howie are on stage with him. He gives the wad to Mel B and the $1’s change to $100 bills with a touch of his wallet. He then keeps folding it up and shrinking it down, but then he makes it disappear and moves to the side and you can see him put it in his pocket. He keeps doing tricks, but then he touches his shirt/body….not impressed tonight.

JUDGES: Heidi said she loves him, but not sure if he can take this to the bank and what he has done in the past was better. Mel B said what he did tonight was great, but the act was not big enough. Howie said he can’t figure it out and it was amazing and you vote for him America. Howard said it was peculiar to him and this was just a mess. It was like a bar and we had the worst seat in the house and we were left out of things.

Jonatan Riquelme

Nick Cannon said this is the most dangerous act they’ve ever had on AGT. Jonatan is another fifth generation circus performer, like Christian Stoinev. He said he is going higher tonight. He has this big swing flying in the air and gets a cylinder and flat piece and balances on the sheet with the cylinder underneath it! He then does six cylinders on top of each other facing different way and then puts the flat sheet on top and stands on it! This was so intense and scary!

JUDGES: Mel B said that is an emotional roller coaster and how terrifying that is to watch and he moves people! Heidi said she was nervous for him too and insane to go on top of that. Howard said his staging is the most remarkable thing and he kept us intrigued. Howie said there is no mat and he is a thrill act and he delivered.

Kelli Glover

She has been singing since she was a child and would not stop singing as a kid. She made it to Las Vegas a few years ago, but got cut. She stopped singing and has been waiting tables, but now she is back and this is her second chance at life. I think she has a good voice, but goes big on the big notes and I think that overshadows her vocals. She sounds a lot like Alicia Keys, but we already have an Alicia Keys!

JUDGES: Heidi said it was flawless and she has her vote. Mel B said she started out that song slow and unconfident, but the chorus kicked in and she got comfortable and she needs to be more confident when she sings. Howard said she wants this so bad and she tightens up and that worries him. Howie said she was beautiful and she taught everyone to never give up.

The performances on AGT 2014 are done for tonight. Who are you voting for me?

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