Time for another night of performances on America’s Got Talent 2014, as 12 more acts will take the stage on AGT 2014 and hope it is enough for you to vote for them on America’s Got Talent Season 9. This is where the competition gets real, as five acts will move on to the semifinals of AGT Season 9 and seven acts will be headed home after these performances tonight! Come watch with us during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap and let’s watch the live shows on AGT Season 9 continue!

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America's Got Talent 2014 Spoilers - Quarterfinals Week 2

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9, things kicked off with the live shows on AGT Season 9 and the first 12 acts took the stage to perform. I was a little underwhelmed with most of the acts, but the show ended on a high note with the performance from Miguel Dakota. This all led to the live results show and the elimination of seven acts! When all was said and done, we saw Emily West, Miguel Dakota, Dan Naturman, David & Leeman and Baila Conmigo moving on to the semifinals on America’s Got Talent 2014. I am still not a fan of Baila Conmigo, but the judges love them and saved them in the end.

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The fun begins shortly, so watch with me in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we have Nick Cannon and the judges in place and time to get to these performances tonight on AGT 2014!

Hart Dance Team

There are 26 people part of the dance team and were given a ticket straight to the live shows, so will they make it worth it? I thought their first concept was great and hiding in their prop, but this one was not as great for me. They are good dancers, but this was a little less dramatic to me.

Hart Dance Team, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Mel B said it was stunning to watch and on-point. Howie said the props is what makes this special. Howard said they had something spectacular the first time, but they repeated the same concept this time and he saw it as flat. Heidi agrees with Howard and she wanted more.

Loop Rawlins

This one baffled me, as he seemed to do the same thing during Judgement Week and I want to see him do something different and more exciting! He did mix it up a little and it is cool to see and he moves those ropes very fast, but I just don’t think it is something with a wow factor.

Loop Rawlins, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Howie said he delivered and made it bigger. Howard said he is an athlete in his prime, but he fears how he keeps America interested. Heidi said it is fabulous and wants to see more of it. Mel B said she loves him and his act, but wonders if it can be for a whole entire show.

John & Andrew

They said they always get funny looks when they enter the dance club, but when they start dancing they all start watching. They’ll let us know many more times that one is straight and one is gay! I think this is all an attempt to be different with two guys dancing together and appeal to us that way, but it doesn’t work for me. They are good dancers, but have done nothing different and don’t deserve to move on just because they are two guys dancing together on America’s Got Talent 2014!

John & Andrew, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Howard said this is a novelty, but they are such superior dancers and that takes them out of the novelty act and they are just a dance act. Heidi said technically and visually they are amazing. Mel B said they are very talented, but there was not enough exciting moments for her and found it to be repetitive. Howie said they did step it up and it was amazing and thinks this is a great statement for America.

Livy, Matt & Sammy

Their audition was the first time they performed together! They added Matt into the mix and were jamming together, but first performed together at the audition and they like all kinds of music. This was their third performance together and I think that Radio City Music Hall drowned them tonight on AGT 2014! This was mellow and it definitely did not work for me.

Livy, Matt & Sammy, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Mel B said she is a solid singer, but something went missing with them tonight. It was nice and safe, but they did not grab her attention. Heidi said it was snoozy on the vocals and she did not feel the energy from them tonight. Howard said they felt like an opening act tonight and they didn’t feel like headliners. Howie said he believes they are superstars and they deserve to go through based on previous performances.

Andrey Moraru

He came to America ten years ago and he knew that first day he was going to have a new life and experiences he would never imagine experiencing. He is a hand-balancer and wants to prove anything is possible. Am I blown away? No, but what he does is very good and takes some major strength. The spins on one stand were so good and new for him, so he added to it.

Andrey Moraru, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Mel B said she did not want that to stop and she would pay money to come to his show. Howie said best act so far tonight and he is amazing. Howard said out of all the acts, if he doesn’t go through then this show is a sham. Heidi said he is absolutely captivating and can’t keep her eyes off him.

Juan Carlos

He claims he is the best rollerblade dancer in the world, but are there other rollerblade dancers out there? He is delusional and the judges just keep feeding that ego. How did he even make it this far??? This guy is a joke and has no dancing ability. They throw some backup dancers in there and try to make it over-the-top and Howard buzzes him right away! This is such a joke and not even close to being good.

Juan Carlos, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Howie said he shows up and everyone smiles and he loves everything he did. Howard said he is so irritated. There are so many talented people out of Judgement Week that got turned down and he took their place. He was bored out of his skull and it was boring and America was bored. Heidi said he is not the best rollerblader and he may not be better than his backup dancers, but she loves watching him. Mel B said she was smiling and he is an entertainer.

Mara Justine

Her mother is a cocktail server in Atlantic City with five kids, so they don’t have much money. Mara said it is amazing to have a Mom that believes in her and her dreams. I am so torn on this one, as I am a fan of Mara and think she has a great voice. I am not sure of the song choice or outfit choice. I think they were trying to make her younger and she looked awkward while performing on AGT 2014.

Mara Justine, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Howard said he always enjoys seeing her, but would love seeing her sing more subtley. Heidi said she has an incredible talent, but maybe this is not the perfect song for her. Mel B said it started rocky in the beginning, but she gained back her confidence in the chorus and be careful of her song choices. Howie said she rose to the occasion.

Aerial Animation

She said she daydreams a lot and is always looking for a new way to tell a story. She is excited to see where her dreams can take her. This is such a cool concept and she is a true talent. How she makes a whole story out of this is beyond amazing. She does everything on her own and I am a fan!

Aerial Animation, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Heidi said she has this amazing, unique concept and it is so different. Mel B said that was really, really good and it was much better this time. Howie said he remembers everything about her and she needs to go on. Howard said she is adorable and they must see her go all the way to the finals.

Jaycob Curlee

He was put into foster care at five years old and his sister was 1. They got adopted and it was the first time he felt loved. His story overwhelmed us in the auditions, but how will he do tonight? I think he is a good singer, but good isn’t a $1 million act. Good story, but not a performance that wows me.

Jaycob Curlee, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Heidi said he has a very sweet voice, but she was underwhelmed with the performance. Howard said he would love to feel that passion from his life into his performance. Beautiful performance, but not passionate. Mel B said he is very likable, but it was kind of monotone and flat and he has more to give than that. Howie said his journey in life is what we are seeing tonight and every performance has gotten better.

Mat Franco

I have loved both of his card tricks we have seen this season, but how will that play out at Radio City Music Hall? Magic is what has helped him come out of his shell. His number one fan is his grandma and this performance is for her tonight. He starts out using spray paint to make a prediction for one of the judges. He approaches the judges and has Heidi pick a card, which was a ten of clubs. He goes back to his board and he spray painted the two of diamonds. He brings out the flames and underneath it is the ten of spades! He then tells Howie to check his pockets and he has the two of diamonds in it!

Mat Franco, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Heidi said that was really good and there was no way he could do it and she blew her mind. Mel B said he does make magic really hot! Howie said all he can say is wow. Howard said his stuff is great week after week and he is a really cool magician and time for us to let a magician make the final five.

Darik Santos

He has been trying to become a comedian for three years and makes no money from it! He is a security guard at night. They live with his girlfriend’s parents. His style is so weird and I did not like him during Judgement Week, so we’ll see how this goes. He does these little one-liners and I just am not a fan of it.

Darik Santos, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Mel B said she really likes him, but she did not laugh once tonight. Heidi said he is quirky and weird, but the material is not that funny. Howard said he likes his style, but we are not seeing the real Darik come through. Howie said he doesn’t like the judging panel right now. He said he is a funny guy that he wants to see on TV.

Acte II

They have been friends since college. One lives in Dallas and the other lives in New York, but now they will be living in New York together to pursue this singing career. They said they will make their dream come true. They are in unison and have great voices, but I am not fans of them. This type of singing bores me.

Acte II, Quarter Finals 2 ~ America’s Got… by HumanSlinky

JUDGES: Heidi said they are an amazing duo and can’t imagine how they make these sounds come out of their bodies. Mel B said they surprised her again and they filled up this entire room with their voices. Howie said it was like he was surrounded by their voices and it was amazing. Howard said they have big voices and powerful, but it was off to him and it was not dynamic and he is worried about them going through.

The performances on AGT 2014 are done tonight! Who are you voting for?

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