We have narrowed the field down to six acts on America’s Got Talent 2014 and it is time for the finale performances on AGT 2014 and time to pick the winner of America’s Got Talent Season 9! Tomorrow night one of these acts will win $1 million, but that is based on their performances tonight! Which acts will shine tonight and win over the approval of the AGT judges 2014 and America? Watch with us tonight during our America’s Got Talent 2014 Live Recap and see the Top 6 on AGT 2014 perform!

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America's Got Talent 2014 Spoilers - Semifinals Week 1 Performances

Last week on America’s Got Talent Season 9, we had the Top 12 on AGT Season 9 and the final 12 acts took the stage to perform. The acts seem to be less-than-stellar this season, but I was more impressed with the acts last week, including Mat Franco (who has been one of my favorites all season long). This all led to the live results show and the elimination of six acts! When all was said and done, we saw AcroArmy, Mat Franco, Quintavious Johnson, Emily West, Miguel Dakota and Sons of Serendip moving on to the Finals on America’s Got Talent 2014.

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The fun begins shortly, so watch with me in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…these are the finals and one of them will be winning $1 million! The finalists take the stage and we get some words from the judges. The six acts will be performing twice tonight: a breakthrough performance and a new performance from them. Here we go!


Quintavious Johnson

He said it is a dream every time he performs at Radio City Music Hall. He is 12 years old, he doesn’t know about dreams yet! This is his performance from the semifinals and he said it was the best feeling ever. This was another good performance and he has an amazing voice and am surprised that he is only 12 years old.

JUDGES: Mel B said your voice is just killer and he can sing. Howie said his music fills his ears, but it fills his heart too. Howard said he is feeling Quintavious all over the place and you owned the stage tonight. Heidi said he is a true entertainer and she loves that.

Mat Franco

He said the audition was on a whim and never expected to go this far. He goes back to the audition, but a similar act and an interaction with the judges. He tells a story and has some balls and cups and it is kind of amazing. He keeps us entertained and it is crazy how he does this.

JUDGES: Howie said he has an amazing set of balls and he has everything and the whole package. Howard said singers do have it easier and he had to put a spin on something he had done before. Heidi said everything about him is quick magic. Mel B said she adores him and he is so slick at what he does and he keeps them entertained.

Emily West

This is a performance that got her to the semifinals. Something about her is fake to me, so I am not a fan. I will give props to her, as she has an amazing voice and a very strong vocal. She had a recording contract before and failed, but acts like she has such a poor life. I am over it!

JUDGES: Howard said what a moving performance and he loved it. Heidi said she never heard of the song before she sang it and it always sticks in her head of her performance. Mel B said she liked it better the first time around, but halfway into it she nailed it. Howie said this is a winning performance, but maybe not as good as the last one.

Miguel Dakota

I think he has a good voice, but he has sucked it up the past couple performances. This song got him into the Top 12 on AGT 2014. He is very easy on the eyes and it is nice watching him perform, but it just isn’t as strong as it should be. Good, but not great.

JUDGES: Heidi said he found his way back and welcome back. Mel B said everyone is feeling the pressure and nerves, but he has that extra special something and she hopes America votes for him. Howie said he thinks America will vote for him and he is marketable. Howard said this is a talent competition. He did a good job tonight and he came back, but not good enough to win.

Sons of Serendip

They got together right before the show began and never imagined getting this far. I did enjoy this the first time they sang it and think he has an amazing voice, but I felt there was more connection to the lyrics this time. I am giving them major props for doing the song better than the first time!

JUDGES: Mel B said America loves them and they have been consistent and they have to vote for them. Howie said in music, they are the most talented, but are they going to vote on talent or who they want to see as a star. Howard said if they don’t win, it is an image problem and that’s too bad because they are great. Heidi said they are always on and always great and they deliver week after week.


This is the act they performed for their semifinals and they think America and the judges finally saw what they could offer. They are just an amazing group and I love everything about them. This should be the winner of America’s Got Talent 2014 and they get a standing ovation from all four judges!

JUDGES: Howie said they are truly unbelievable and he would give them a gold medal for that performance. Howard said they really deserve to win this thing and if they don’t win it, it may be that TV is limited. Heidi said people ask her who should win and she always thinks of them. Mel B said they have everything and everything that America’s Got Talent is about.


Mat Franco

Nick Cannon pulled up people from the audience to help him with this performance. Now that he is in the finals, his Grandma could come watch and it is cute! He holds deck of cards and then the audience members are all holding one card. He brings up Mel B and he starts shuffling the cards in his hand and has the audience members shuffling on stage. He has Howard separate the cards into red and black piles, based on how he feels. He has Mel B do the same thing with the cards on stage. He switches up what pile is red and black in the middle and this is a little confusing. They separate the cards correctly, but one card off for both of them and it is the three of clubs. How did that happen?

JUDGES: Howard said he told the last act they deserved to win the $1 million and now he thinks Mat should win and it would be nice to see a magician win. Mel B said every time he shocks her and he makes magic become magic. Heidi said she loves how versatile he is and it is really, really good. Howie said he is wonderful and he deserves his own specials and the $1 million.

Sons of Serendip

They said they are normal, every day people and this victory could change their entire lives. We saw a lot of emotion during the package video, but then he sings and I don’t feel that emotion. I think he sang it great, but I want that emotional connection. He missed that at first, but they turned it up as the song ended. Another standing ovation from all four judges on America’s Got Talent 2014!

JUDGES: Heidi said another beautiful performance and gives props to the other band members. Mel B said they just killed it and we can feel their passion and emotion and wants to buy their album now. Howie said how grateful America is to hear their talent. Howard said they deserve to have America as cheerleaders and they did a beautiful take on that song.

Quintavious Johnson

He said it is crazy for him to be in the finals at 12 years old. He is taking it back to the basics and bringing church to AGT 2014 tonight! He does give us that church vibe for “Let It Be” and I am still wrapping my finger around this one. I am anti-singers this season and want someone else to win. He has a great voice, but I want to see something else. Another standing ovation from all four judges.

JUDGES: Mel B said he is a joy to watch and he took us on an emotional journey tonight. Howie said he is a star and another winning performance. Howard said there are many performers that could never match his coolness and that was a remarkable performance. Heidi said it has been a joy watching him blossom on this stage.

Miguel Dakota

He said being on stage make him feel bigger than life and this is his dream and wants his last performance to be his best. He sings “Billie Jean” and I have ehard many covers of this and I am not impressed. Again, a good performance, but not great and you need great to win that $1 million. No standing ovation this time!

JUDGES: Heidi said he has come full circle and it is just him and the guitar and now he has millions of fans out there. Mel B said that was a risk, but she likes a risk taker and she hopes America likes that too. Howard said this was his best performance and he enjoyed it. Howie said he has charisma to sell as a talent and he sold 100% charisma with that performance.


They want to be that thing that lets people know they can follow their dreams and make it happen. We see them get emotional with each other as they prepare for this moment. What these people do is downright amazing and I would write the check to them right now! They literally had a four-person tower and a girl doing tricks on top….amazing and a four judge standing ovation!

JUDGES: Mel B said they were thrilling and amazing and that was seriously on fire. Heidi said they really topped themselves and this was a jaw-dropping performance. Howard said this is the finals and there is a reason they are here and they are unbelievable and they hit the peak at the right moment. Howie said they gave us more and it is so dangerous.

Emily West

She said auditioning was the hardest thing she has done and she had nothing and afraid the audition would humiliate her and she already had her chance. She has a great voice, but after watching AcroArmy rock that stage, this seems like a letdown to me. The judges give her a standing ovation though!

JUDGES: Heidi said she is so happy that she never gave up and so happy that she is here. Mel B said that was off the chain and if that can’t win her $1 million, then she doesn’t know what can. Howie said this was a risk well taken and that song will pay out the most. Howard said this is a real singer and she has charisma and original style and this is a spectacular artist.

The performances are done for tonight. Who are you voting for?

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