The live shows on America’s Got Talent 2013 kicked off at Radio City Music Hall last night and the show was big and had all the shiny lights and a huge audience, but the real star of the night might have been 17-year-old Collins Key and his amazing magic trick he performed. Check out his performance last night on AGT 2013 in our America’s Got Talent 2013 spoilers video below and see the awesomeness for yourself!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

There were 60 acts that moved on to the live shows for America’s Got Talent 2013 and Collins Key was one of those acts that blew me away with his initial audition and his performance in Vegas. He wants to be the new face of magic and he very well could be. He has a great personality and he seems very likable. His good looks make him the complete package, right?

Here is my thing: how in the hell does he do these tricks? Magic is something special, yet it ticks me off because I don’t understand how they are making it all happen. I guess that is the appeal, huh? Collins Key on AGT 2013 could be a great act and someone that could very well compete for that $1 million prize. He seems to have a little following prior to the show and this exposure will help him even more.

He does seem to do more personal acts and the judges were worried about it working in Radio City Music Hall, but this trick he performed was fun and entertaining and he did it big enough for the whole building to enjoy. Check out the performance here and tell me if you think Collins Key is safe tonight on America’s Got Talent 2013:

Collins Key, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 Live Show by HumanSlinky

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